MyAgent Call Journal Pro: Make Your Smartphone Smarter

Modern technology and its functions have beaten the value of analytics and data analysis into our heads. The vast potential offered by sophisticated data analysis has resulted in relegating the business minds of many commercial real estate professionals far off into the clouds (yes, another over-used buzzword). As a result of this line of thinking, people have sometimes managed to overlook the increased value and productivity offered by more “simplistic” tech tools. One of these tools is MyAgent Call Journal Pro, a phone app designed to help commercial real estate professionals more accurately keep track of their correspondence on the fly.
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MyAgent Call Journal Pro positions itself as a comprehensive organizational solution to help increase productivity. Users can manage contacts, segregate them into specific lists, and even record voice notes to themselves, which they can then export to other organizational apps like Evernote, if they so choose.

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Each list connotes a specific relationships with a particular client, so users know exactly where they stand with all of their contacts at all times. They can keep track of their daily call list, prioritize who they need to follow up with, and take notes for future reference on the overall outcome of a call after it has concluded, all with the push of a button

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MyAgent Call Journal Pro also equips users with the ability to monitor detailed analytics reports with regards to all of their correspondence. They can track the number of calls they make and compare that with how many leads are converted, so they know the best ways in which to allocate their time moving forward.

While detailed algorithms can certainly serve as an accurate indicator of performance, having a better grasp on how you manage interpersonal relationships can prove to be just as useful. Real estate is, after all, a business about relationships. In that respect, MyAgent Call Journal Pro could possibly help you land leads you never would’ve otherwise. Worst-case scenario, it can help you quantify what people on your contact list you’ve been wasting time with. MyAgent Call Journal Pro is available in the Google Play Store for $4.99, so if you’re an iOS user who’s interested, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

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