Need Office Space? Try the Keyser Office Space Calculator App

For many companies, especially startups, estimating the amount of office space needed can be a challenge. As a result, it can often be difficult to locate space in a competitive market. How do you make certain you have enough space to ensure that you are not tripping over one another without paying for more space than actually need? Now, there is a solution that can help companies determine exactly how much office space is needed.

The Keyser Office Space Calculator App is the first of its kind. Introduced by Keyser, this commercial real estate iPhone app helps you translate the amount of space that you need into square feet. Additionally, the app makes it possible to focus a search before touring available office spaces. If you have tried searching for office space in the past, you know how time-consuming it can be. There was really no way to know whether a prospective property might be right for your needs unless you toured it in person. The Keyser Office Space Calculator App helps eliminate such problems. Now, with just the touch of a button, you can give a prospective property a virtual tour and decide whether you should see it in person.

New App Eliminates Common Problems in Commercial Real Estate

Leasing too much office space can result in hobbling your cash flow due to an unnecessarily large rent payment. Consequently, you will have underutilized space and your business may suffer from a limited ability to expand. This could also result in the need for your business to relocate before the expiration of your lease, which could prove to be even more expensive. The Keyser Office Space Calculator App helps eliminate such problems.

With the app, you can even take advantage of the opportunity to not just determine how much space is needed, but also play around with how that space is configured in terms of how many offices are needed. Be warned, however. It’s easy to get lost playing around with this feature as you imagine what your future office could look like. Like the idea of having a big executive office? Such an office would typically be sized about 20’x15’ and can typically accommodate an executive desk as well as lounge seating and a conference table.

Think you might want to hire a vice president for your company someday? Use the app to play around with office sizes. A 15’x15’ office can typically accommodate an executive desk along with a credenza, sofa or bookshelf, and a small conference table. Midlevel management may require a 10’x15’ office, which can fit a desk, a bookshelf, and a couple of guest chairs. Firms that require regular offices may wish to consider rooms sized 10’x12’ or 10’x10’, which can accommodate a regular-size desk and two guest chairs. The new app from Keyser removes all of the guesswork.

Thanks to the new Office Space Calculator App from Keyser, you can make your transition into a new space as painless and fast as possible while avoiding the problems that are commonly associated with locating suitable office space.

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