New Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Platform Launched

Selequity has recently announced the launch of a new crowdfunding platform. The announcement came during TechCrunch Disrupt in New York City. Selequity, a platform providing accredited investors the opportunity to invest in commercial real estate projects, was the first such crowdfunding platform selected to compete during TechCrunch Disrupt. The firm was chosen from a number of other technology companies from around the world. During Startup Battlefield, more than two dozen early stage companies launched their platforms in front of TechCrunch editors, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists while competing to take home $50,000 and the Disrupt Cup.
Setting itself apart from the competition, Selequity has built its platform based on the concept of making it much easier and more straightforward to raise capital. In the last few years, the commercial real estate industry has experienced tremendous change, including the introduction of legislation that has made it possible for reach investors previously left out of investment opportunities. Along with opening up opportunities for more accredited investors, Selequity is also working toward providing services to real estate owners in need of the ability to raise capital faster and more efficiently.

What's Behind the Selequity Platform

Via Selequity's online platform, accredited investors are able to access private real estate investment deals that are professionally managed. Commercial real estate owners, also known as sponsors are also able to use the network in order to access a far broader pool of accredited investors. With the technology developed for use in the Selequity network, investors and property owners are able to benefit from a much more streamlined investment process, a process that was once time consuming and cumbersome. Today, investors and property owners are able to gain access to critical information and documentation in order to make more educated investment decisions. The Selequity platform also includes an individualized communications platform that makes it much easier for investors and property owners to track current investments.

Boasting a combined total of more than 100 years in the commercial real estate industry, the team at Selequity is able to leverage access to an extensive network of commercial real estate professionals. As a result, participants using the Selequity platform are able to diversify their portfolio in a much easier manner than was previously possible.

A relatively new entrant to the commercial real estate industry, Selequity was founded in 2014 by the team behind Cassidy Turley, a brokerage firm that went on to become one of the largest commercial real estate companies in the country. The former CEO of Cassidy Turley, Mark Burkhart is now leading the Selequity team. Also onboard is the former CFO of Cassidy Turley, Bill Florent.

What Selequity Means for the CRE Industry

In the last few years, since the passage of the JOBS Act, crowdfunding has become the new buzzword for the commercial real estate industry. With Selequity's entrance to the industry, both investors as well as property owners will have yet one more option for expanding their presence in this burgeoning and rapidly evolving industry.

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