New Holographic Property App Seeks to Change the Way Buyers Look for Properties

For anyone who grew up watching Star Trek, the concept of holographs might seem interesting but a bit futuristic. A group of teens; however, have tapped into the potential of holographic technology to create a real estate startup company that could change the way that buyers and renters search for properties.
Holographic Estate, still in the early stages, targets people who are planning to rent or sell their homes. The app works by taking a 3D rendering or model and inputting it in your smartphone via holographic technology, thus giving users the ability to view a house in an entirely new virtual manner before they ever actually see the home in person.

How the Concept for Merging Holograms and Real Estate Came About

The young group of entrepreneurs has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise necessary capital for their startup and plans to sell the innovative app to real estate firms. According to the founders, a trio of 16-year old entrepreneurs, most people spend far too much time looking for properties when they are thinking of buying or renting. In most instances, prospective buyers and renters only have an hour or so on the weekends when homes are available to be toured during open houses. This means they must decide which properties they really want to see based solely on the photos and floor plans provided.

image1 Holographic Estate offers an innovative solution by providing prospects with the ability to truly see a property before they ever set foot inside the home. Currently, the app has not yet entered the design phase. First, the trio needs to raise an approximate $2,500 in capital necessary to begin developing the app. The group of entrepreneurs believes the process will take between six to eight months to complete the design. Among the features to be included in the app is the ability to add furniture, although the group behind the concept has indicated the potentially for customizing the app even further.

The concept for the app came about via Generation Innovation's GI Challenge, a program that provides 15 to 25-year olds in Australia the opportunity to start their own businesses. Two of the partners in the group have previous experienced in founding startups.

Other Companies Exploring the Use of Holographic Technology in Real Estate

Despite their innovative solution to common problems in the real estate industry, the trio could face some stiff competition from other firms looking to leverage holographic techiStock_000009518864_Largenology. The use of holographic technology has already been used quite brilliantly in the United States to market luxury condos. For instance, last year, the Extell Development Company made use of holography as part of its sales campaign for One Riverside Park. The firm recruited British-based Musion's three-dimensional holographic projection system for their marketing efforts. When complete, the holographic presentation provided prospective buyers with an overview of the property's waterfront neighborhood, a chance to tour the new complex, and a demonstration of amenities.


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