New Industry Event to Showcase How Technology Can Boost Profitability in Real Estate

Held in late March, the DisruptCRE New York Conference offered an opportunity for thought leaders in real estate development, property services, and other industry verticals to come together with technology innovators. Held in New York City's Financial District, the event included a variety of topical and educational discussions as well as an exhibitor showcase. Tech companies were also presented with the opportunity to participate in a pitch segment, in which they were able to present their technologies.

Recognized as a tech conference for CRE professionals, DisruptCRE presented the chance for innovators in technology and commercial real estate co come together to explore how technology can make it possible for CRE professionals to boost their business operations.

Programming for the event included six panels and distinctive topics. The DisruptCRE team was responsible for curating the moderators and panelists. Topics presents at the event focused on industry trends and innovations.

Panel sessions for the DisruptCRE event included an opportunity to meet the innovators currently driving change in the industry, CRE and 3D, and a session on rethinking spaces. Also included was a panel on the way in which technologies are building a bridge for future development. Other topics covered in the event included crowdfunding and the new global marketplace. At the conclusion of the event, attendees were given the opportunity to mingle and network in a casual cocktail party. DisruptCRE has held similar events in other cities, including San Francisco and Chicago.

Increased Focus on CRE and Technology Around the World

While DisruptCRE is certainly a unique event in its own right in the United States, similar events are now being held around the world, as commercial real estate industry leaders come together with technology innovators.

For instance, REinnovate will hold a similar event at the end of April in Sydney, Australia, reports Real Estate Business Online. Designed to bring real estate principals and agents together to highlight how profitability can be increased through technology, the event will include an evening cocktail party.

Technology has often proven to be intimidating for commercial real estate professionals in the past. Events such as DisruptCRE and REinnovate now provide opportunities for professionals involved in the commercial real estate industry to tap into new technologies that can be used to impact their businesses immediately.

Upcoming Real Estate Tech Expo and Convention

San Antonio will be the setting for Realcomm, a technology expo and conference for commercial as well as institutional and government real estate. Held June 9-10, the industry event will include 35 sessions and more than 100 speakers on a variety of different topics, including automated business processes, real time information management, smart buildings, nextgen office space, advanced mobile platforms, integrated digital signage, and more.

CRE tech conferences are now providing excellent opportunities for industry leaders to come together and network with startups to learn more about technologies and products that could have a tremendous impact on the commercial real estate industry.

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