Newly Released Algorithm Improves Commercial Real Estate Leasing

Commercial real estate leasing just became easier with the release of a new algorithm from f9Analytics. The commercial real estate technology firm has announced the release of what has been described as a first-of-its-kind algorithm. Users will be able to solve a variety of different commercial real estate problems in a more efficient manner, including the ability to structure leases in real time.

What the CRE Leasing Algorithm Does

Released through a cross-platform API, the algorithm will give corporate users the capability of solving, structuring, and optimizing commercial leases in order to meet their specific financial goals. For instance, with a specific financial goal in mind, corporate users will be able to modify practically every term of a lease in order to find a solution to their financial goals.

In the past, it has proven challenging for commercial real estate firms, including investment firms to bring tenants and landlords together in real time. The new algorithm released by f9Analytics provides the opportunity to provide real-world solutions in real time. By increasing the speed and efficiency at which financial goals can be resolved, the algorithm provides the basis for greater profitability.

According to f9Analytics, their lease comparison engine is able to perform the same types of comparisons that a human senior analyst would be able to perform. The difference is that the engine is able to perform in a far more efficient and accurate manner with the flexibility to include up to 100 different lease structure possibilities.

The founding company behind the new algorithm, f9Analytics, has previously developed a reputation for providing property service firms and property investors cloud technology support for simplifying property finance complexity. Founded in 2012, f9Analytics is part of Microsoft's BizSpark startup program.

Increased Focus on Technology in Commercial Real Estate Industry

As more and more technologies are designed and released specifically for the commercial real estate industry, the face of the CRE industry has experienced a dramatic transformation. What once took days or even weeks to accomplish can now be accomplished in just a fraction of the time, if not in real time. The introduction of commercial real estate technology tools has also resulted in an increased demand among real estate investors, tenants, and property owners for deals to be concluded in a much faster manner. Tools such as the new algorithm introduced by f9Analytics are making that possible.

With the continued evolution of commercial real estate technology, what we are seeing now is likely only just the beginning of what has come to be recognized as a commercial real estate technology evolution. In addition to commercial leasing tools such as the f9Analytics algorithm, the industry is also beginning to see a plethora of new tools aimed changing how space is viewed, such as high-def space holograms. In the near future, there will likely be improvements to current tools that will include the merger of various systems to offer more comprehensive technology and the ability to transact deals in a more efficient and profitable manner.

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