NPVio: Calculate NPVs and IRRs in your browser

When screening investment opportunities, the NPV or IRR is the go-to calculation for investors.
And in order to do this, most investment professionals rely on an Excel worksheet in order to perform this calculation. is a new NPV Calculator which allows investment professionals the ability to model investment assumptions in their browser in seconds, replacing the need to boot up that custom Excel workbook. is simple, clean and easy for anyone to use. Simply input your revenue and expense assumptions, along with your acquisition, financing and sale assumptions, and will generate the cash flow series associated with your hold period. will also provide pricing recommendations using the discount rate you provide. When the NPV of the investment is positive, the NPV recommendation summary section is green. When the NPV is negative, the recommendation summary section turns red, and calculates the dollar amount which you'll need to reduce your price assumption to in order to realize a positive NPV.

For those who need to run scenarios, sensitivities and cash flow splits, I'd still recommend giving Valuate a try.

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