Nuzzel: Eliminating Content Overload

Social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, SnapChat, and Vine, offer unique tools for creating and engaging with content. For engaging, selling, and advising to customers, these platforms have become a vital business tool used by most small businesses, B2Bs, and B2Cs.

The amount of content pushed through these sites is staggering. Although having access to information is important, our brains can only absorb so much. Therefore, only a portion of the vast amount of information found on social media sites is being seen. For the company that created the content, this overload does very little in driving business. To avoid this content overload, Nuzzel is highly effective.

Standing Out from the Competition

Because the amount of content being produced continues to increase, you need a way of standing out. With Nuzzel, you can provide customers with valued information that makes you stand out while avoiding content overload.

The goal is to focus on genuine content, something that will actually add value to the lives of consumers. With this, lasting connections are formed. Email newsletters have become extremely popular in the past few years, an opportunity that you do not want to miss. Especially for millennials, email remains the most effective approach.

Nuzzel creates compelling newsletters that people take the time to read, thereby building your customer base. After subscribing to your Nuzzel feed, people receive an automatically generated email daily containing the top five stories from an influencer’s feed. However, as the newsletter owner, you are free to promote whatever you want thanks to the tool’s incredible flexibility.

Innovative Nuzzel Features

To keep up with demand, Nuzzel developers have made several key upgrades:

AMP Support – Nuzzel for Android and iPhone now supports Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP so that users experience instant loading of news articles implemented with the AMP HTML format without eliminating analytics, advertising, and branding that support the needs of business publishers.

Slack – Nuzzel now integrates with Slack, making it easy to share relevant news with your team. By clicking on the “Add to Slack” button within the Nuzzel settings, users can take full advantage of personalized news.

Nuzzel Custom Feeds – Another advancement is the Nuzzel custom feeds, which are based on lists of people that may not be your friends or people that you do not currently follow.

Going Global – Nuzzel has achieved great success throughout the United States, especially in California and New York. However, this innovative platform is now offered in a number of different languages to reach international audiences. For example, Nuzzel is available in French, German, Spanish, Italian, Norwegian, Arabic, Japanese, and Russian.

iOS8 and iPad Support – A new version of the Nuzzel iOS app recently launched. As part of this are the new iOS 8 features and the new iPad UI. Although Nuzzel has received a five-star rating in the Google App Store, this new release has intensified the buzz.

The Bottom Line

To reach your audience and increase business, content is imperative. Although Nuzzel has been around for a while, with all the recent modifications, it is even more effective in delivering great news stories without content overload.

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