Opendoor Gives Buyers the Ability to Submit Mobile Offers

Opendoor, an online real estate transaction marketplace, has recently announced a new home shopping venue. According to the National Association of Realtors, 92 percent of homebuyers now use the Internet to search for properties. Furthermore, 50 percent of buyers now use a mobile app or website. Yet, one element of the home buying experience that has not changed in recent years, despite a rise in technology, is the ability to view homes whenever a buyer wants and the option to submit offers via mobile devices. Opendoor is now working to change that by providing a full slate of features accessible from mobile devices. Among those features is a 24/7 Open House that gives homebuyers the chance to view a home when it is most convenient for them by unlocking the home using their mobile device.

opendoooor*Renovated, Ready to Move In Homes

Additionally, Opendoor is providing homebuyers with the opportunity to choose from homes that are truly move-in ready. In the past, one of the biggest and most expensive problems facing home buyers was the cost of deferred maintenance for repairs such as appliances, the roof, and major systems that may have been neglected by the seller. By providing a comprehensive inspection and certification before the home becomes available for purchase, Opendoor has helped to eliminate one of the most significant pain points in the residential real estate industry. Not only can this give buyers greater peace of mind, but it can also prove to be ideal for buyers who simply may not have the time or disposable income to handle potential repairs shortly after purchasing a home.

Available properties have been completely renovated, fully inspected, and come with a warranty, thus ensuring that homebuyers can set aside worries over hidden surprises after they move in. Buyers can even preview properties before they are listed for sell. In the event that a buyer wishes to make changes to a prospective home, he or she can customize the home with upgrades and features prior to closing. In addition, Opendoor is making it easier for home buyers to buy properties direct by providing a simple, streamlined transaction process that allows buyers to make instant offers and complete online contracts.

Pricing Renovated with Consistent Home Value Calculations

Opendoor also ensures that buyers do not overpay for a property by utilizing a unique data model that ensures the price of a property is consistent and completely transparent. Home values are calculated based on location, features, and characteristics, thus helping to eliminate a lot of guesswork.

Offering a wealth of features, Opendoor is capitalizing on the increasing online home buying trend by empowering buyers to make use of their smartphones and mobile devices to view available homes and even complete the entire purchase process online.

While Opendoor is relatively new to the real estate industry, it has already grown by leaps and bounds. Homebuyers who are interested in eliminating the hassle and time associated with the buying process may find that Opendoor is just the solution for doing so.


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