PiinPoint Still Going Strong After 2014 Launch

A location analytics platform called PiinPoint launched in 2014. With this platform, developers, real estate brokers, and businesses can validate the success of different locations throughout North America. PiinPoint was founded in Canada with the goal to fundamentally change how people discover, validate, and grow locations without a great deal of work or stress.

This service continues to be completely dedicated to helping businesses grow and communities flourish. These goals are accomplished through answers to critical questions made possible thanks to social, geospatial, and consumer data. As of today, PiinPoint has helped analyze more than 250,000 locations.

Since launching, there have been some changes to make this service even better. As an example, a partnership with Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate brokerage firm, was just announced. With this partnership, PiinPoint technologies will make the team at Cushman & Wakefield better equipped to conduct analytics, create marketing reports, access site validation, and get ahold of data for a specific location, including demographics, traffic counts, and property developments.

Using this technology platform, clients and advisors of Cushman & Wakefield can make better-informed decisions about where businesses should be located. With this strategic partnership, clients of Cushman & Wakefield will have the necessary tools and real-time critical market insights to gain a competitive edge, strengthen performance from a financial perspective, and improve sales accuracy.

There have also been a number of updates to PiinPoint, which have significantly improved an already great service. For one thing, popular brands can now be detected. In addition, customers can preload logos when conducting a search for Points of Interest (POIs) by category. The key benefit is the amount of time saved when creating better visual representations of a particular area.

The logos are crowdsourced from Google, as well as other users. Therefore, when someone within your organization uses PiinPoint to modify an existing logo or create an entirely new logo, it is also reflected in your app. Simply put, these upgrades mean that logos load automatically for popular brands in a POI search. Another change is that reports can be exported into Excel documents for easier viewing, manipulation, and sharing.

Another big change is the development of PiinPoint Lite. The boundaries of site selection innovation have been pushed using customer feedback and information gathered by the team. Since launching, executives kept hearing from businesses that wanted to expand beyond 10 or 15 locations. PiinPoint Lite is a platform that is more tailored to those customers’ needs.

PiinPoint Lite is developed specifically for brokers, entrepreneurs, and consultants that have fewer than 30 locations. Although this platform is still somewhat experimental, it is expected to do just as well as the original PiinPoint. Currently, this addition is only being offered in Canada. It will include demographics, pedestrian traffic counts, reporting, and competition mapping. PiinPoint Lite is the ideal solution for anyone who is not yet ready for an enterprise-level platform.






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