Property Buddy goes to the Cloud, partners with Landlord Studio.

For a long time, property managers have been using products built solely for the desktop computer. Landlord Studio aims to change this and take the landlord out of the office and allow them to manage their properties, tenants, payments, expense and more from wherever is convenient.

Following on from the success of Property Buddy, the highly rated iOS app, Landlord Studio was developed to include Android, iPhone and iPad devices as well as allowing access from a desktop website. All devices communicate seamlessly, allowing a landlord to truly manage their property from wherever and whatever device they choose.

Mobile first approach to Property Management

Landlord Studio takes a mobile first approach in their development. The mobile and tablet experience is the main priority and you can see a large amount of care has been taken to design their screens to make everything accessible and easy to see. The desktop website has also been designed so that the most important details are mostprominent.

Featuring an intuitive dashboard, the app allows landlords to log rent payments, keep track of payment history, show all upcoming rents, set up recurring expenses, log expenses, take and store photos of receipts or any other documents, set reminders for events, email tenant rent receipts, export data to Excel, email overdue notices to clients, and even phone or SMS tenants with a single click. Landlords can also generate PDF reports, which could prove to be helpful for documenting expenses for tax purposes or even providing financial information for prospective investors. Whatever a landlord needs to do to manage his or her rental property can now be done easily while relaxing on the couch with a mobile or tablet in hand.

Property managers who are interested in test-driving the app or website, can take advantage of a 30-day free trial. Landlord Studio offers a subscription-based solution, at a low cost of 50 cents per unit per month. This works out to only $6.00 per unit for the entire year and includes all the available features.




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