Property Capsule: All your deals now fit in your pocket

If you haven't heard of Property Capsule, you need to check it out. The product description from their website:
The Property Capsule is a cloud-based technology platform that helps you manage and present your property portfolio.

All of your property data, such as property overviews, agent contacts, site plans, tenant lists, photography, maps and demographics is kept in a central repository.

Property information can be updated easily in the system using a simple web based interface, compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. Custom integration is also available.

Specialized tools provide fully automated, interactive maps and site plans, including a pre-populated tenant logo bank.

Presentation modules are provided for iPad, Web, Mobile, Tradeshow, Laptop, and a Digital Leave-Behind. Even your flyers and other printed materials may be fully automated.

Property Capsule includes applications for just about every device:

iPad Portfolio Module - Users of the application are able to synchronize against your Property Capsule cloud and download portfolio updates over-the-air.
Web Portfolio Module - Plugs directly into your existing website. Users can browse and search the database and pull up leasing related property information, photos, brochures, site plans, flyers and documents.
Mobile Portfolio Module - Browse and search your entire property portfolio and pull up leasing related property information, photos, brochures, site plans, tenant lists, flyers and documents.

They also have marketing and survey tools for their pro accounts, including:

Dynamic Competition Maps - Analyze the demographics and competition in any market.
Dynamic Lifestyle/Amenities Maps - Category based mapping driven by Google.

Property Capsule also automates many tasks, like labeling space plans and creating flyers:

Automated Space Plan Tool -  This tool brings your static plans to an interactive level while eliminating time maintaining and updating them. Your space plan drawings are loaded into the tool and easily annotated to tell the system where your tenant logos, space numbers, dimensions and other details go.
Automated Flyer Tool - Takes minutes to update your tenant list. Have a new flyer ready to go, with the current tenant list and logos displayed.

So, when you finally get tired of updating information in 10 different places, it's time to check out Property Capsule.

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