Property Capsule: Your Entire Property Portfolio in 1 App

Bring your commercial real estate portfolio into the modern age by choosing the mobile application that’s built for managers on the go—Property Capsule.

Alleviating the need for pre-printing and shipping of leasing materials, Property Capsule allows you to quickly and easily present your portfolio to potential tenants or clients in real time, with just a quick flick of your finger on an iOS device. Using the Property Capsule database, your information can be as large or small as like, adding modules as you grow.

On-the-Go Technology

Portfolio marketing also happens right in the app as well, with specialized tools located in the Property Capsule suite that let you draw interactive site plans right into your portfolio as necessary. Changes with a tenant? No problem. Want to have flyers automatically regenerate when information changes? Easily done.

Each time you connect your iOS device to your Property Capsule, it spontaneously pulls the latest information and organizes it accordingly!

As you know, in the CRM business timing means everything. With Property Capsule, you can run your presentations, lightning-fast, while totally offline! That means even if you’re showing a property without an internet connection within miles, you can still give your potential client a full run down!

Power of the Cloud

Using power of cloud technology, Property Capsule syncs your add-on modules to your iOS devices, your website portfolio, and your mobile data, all at the same time. Add-on modules, mind you, which can be tailored to tradeshow kiosks and interactive materials such as CDs or USB thumb drives.

It’s time you chose a portfolio management software that presents your portfolio in a flexible, always accessible manner.  Property Capsule makes your business move faster by eliminating additional efforts, programming additional technologies, and aggregating the quality of data; all while introducing new paradigms for working with your portfolio.

Use the all-in-one system to manage your portfolio from your iPad, website, mobile devices, and more.  Use Property Capsule.

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