Prospecting Just Got Faster and Easier with ProspectNow

When it comes to succeeding in commercial real estate, it's important to know where you are going to find your next deal. Prospecting can be time-consuming, which can take time away from managing your business. Now, there is a new tool on the market that can help to make the process of prospecting much easier by providing up-to-date, relevant information that was previously difficult to uncover.
ProspectNow is a cloud-based real estate prospecting platform that features 100 million properties. The real strength of ProspectNow is not just in the number of properties it features, but the type of information that it contains. With ProspectNow, users can access detailed property and ownership data, including key decision makers, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, and building details. Information on 30 million commercial tenants is also available using ProspectNow.

Designed for anyone who is marketing to property owners or businesses, ProspectNow helps to significantly reduce the amount of time necessary for effective prospecting. Whether you are a broker, investor, bank, or service company, this handy tool can give you the information you need at just the touch of a button.

Features Included with ProspectNow

One element that sets ProspectNow apart from other databases is that it actually provides the relevant telephone numbers and names of the key decision makers for each included property. Additionally, it gives you the ability to export the information you need, so that you can create customized contact lists or use that information to create your own marketing campaigns.

Another element that is unique and valuable about ProspectNow is that users can get started by creating a free account. With the free account, users can obtain access to property ownership lists. For instance, with the free trial account, users can see the number of property type records that are available for their specific marketplace. In order to obtain building owner details, users will need to become a paying subscriber of ProspectNow.

Getting Information Faster

One of the biggest challenges that many professionals face in the commercial real estate industry is obtaining accurate contact information, particularly the relevant contact information of the owners behind LLCs. This is information that is not typically provided in county records. Furthermore, tenant names are not usually included in county records, either. Consequently, it can often take a number of man-hours to track down this type of contact information in order to develop marketing campaigns. This is not a problem when using ProspectNow, because it becomes much easier and faster for you to prospect.

The information contained in the ProspectNow database is updated every 30 days, ensuring that you never have to worry about the information provided being out of date, which can sometimes be a problem with other databases and result in slowing down your progress.

By using ProspectNow, since you are able to contact more property owners with less time and effort, it is possible to boost your sales volume and ultimately your business's bottom line.

To learn more, check out their explainer video:

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