ProspectNow Helps Agents Generate More Listings

The digital age is simplifying many formerly cumbersome real estate tasks, but until recently, prospecting remained its usual tedious, often unscientific chore. The ProspectNow platform gives agents a tool to more quickly identify those owners who may put their properties up for sale within the next year. It can also help lenders identify those who are about to refinance, and create more directed and targeted marketing campaigns.

ProspectNow offers a complete residential and commercial real estate prospecting database, with more than 100 million properties nationwide. Users can search by a property’s location, size, type and more, and can instantly access owner mailing addresses and telephone numbers. Also available: building details. Search capabilities are available for over 30 million businesses and tenants. The platform features CRM software and mailing tools that can be used as part of the sales process.

For real estate agents, ProspectNow helps you identify properties that are most likely to be listed for sale in the next year. Its algorithm examines hundreds of data points on a weekly basis. The criteria: properties that are actually selling. The characteristics of the newly sold properties are applied to those properties that have yet to sell.

Lenders can use Prospect Now to help them close more loans. Properties are identified that are most likely to refinance or obtain a loan in the next 12 months. The platform’s patent-pending predictive algorithm examines hundreds of data points that are actually in the process of refinancing. Those characteristics are applied to properties that have not yet refinanced.

ProspectNow also helps users deliver digital ads directly to homeowners, just as they browse the Internet from their house. ProspectNow can identify the household and when they visit popular websites (for instance, CNN) placing the ad on that site.

ProspectNow uses IP targeting technology (the process of mapping a physical address to an IP address), virtually eliminating non-human ad traffic. What that means: delivering your message to the intended audience and nobody else. This is used with the analytics technology that identifies properties that are most likely to sell or refinance. That could mean that lenders and real estate agents benefit from a much greater return on their ad spend.

How it works: ProspectNow helps you identify your target list (for example properties predicted to refinance in a certain zip code). You provide the banner ads and any other creative marketing that you would like to show to members of these households. You select where you would like to direct visitors who click on those ads. ProspectNow creates a budget and the number of times you want your ad to be seen. Then the ad campaign is launched.

The information is considered public domain -- every county maintains a record for every building. The platform performs all the research in a user-friendly, seamless format.

Companies using ProspectNow include KW Commercial, SVN Commercial Real Estate Advisors, Intero Real Estate Services, and Bank of the West, among others. Click here to find out more about ProspectNow.

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