Q&A Feature with ICSC: How Technology is Changing the Retail Landscape

CRE // Tech is thrilled to partner with ICSC to host an Innovation Lounge at ICSC’s New York National Deal Making held at the Jacob K. Javits Center from December 6th - 7th. ICSC’s second largest global deal making event, New York National Deal Making, attracts more than 10,000 attendees in over 200,000 square feet of exhibit space, filled with 500 plus exhibitors for two full days.

Our team at CRE // Tech recently caught up with ICSC to learn more about their upcoming event, strategy and vision.

What role does technology play in the retail industry today?

Technology has impacted retail both broadly and deeply, from the retailer and consumer perspective in store as well as online. In some cases in a very visible way and others in a much more invisible way. Technology is driving revenue growth, creating efficiencies, and enabling new business models, that are being adopted by the retail industry while at the same time being disrupted by not participating in evolution of technology.

What are some of the specific ways that retail landlords are using technology to meet the needs of the consumers today?

From a Landlord perspective technology is enabling business to run more efficiently in the following capacities:


Streamlined marketing to provide real time information about availabilities, property information, and pricing.

CRM: Customer Relationship Management, there are multiple platforms such as Salesforce that enhance the sales, service, support and access to information.

Mapping: Google maps and other services allow for desktop and mobile information about sites and surrounding areas.

Property Management

Budgeting and Accounting Software

Real time info regarding site information & control systems such as HVAC monitoring.

Traffic count monitoring systems to evaluate the ACTUAL traffic (cars and foot traffic) in/out of properties.

Providing onsite charging stations for electric car.

Providing wifi to enhance shopping experience and dinning/entertainment options at the properties.

Can you describe the ICSC New York Deal Making conference overall?

The New York National Dealmaking event is one of the most important and prominent retail real estate events in North America. Every major developer, broker and retailer attends this event with the aspiration of transacting real estate deals which will benefit their organization. Historically, the New York event has been known as a “dealmaking” event however the educational component of the event has been elevated. In addition, attendees will also see a greater presence of global companies participate in this year’s event and there will be a greater emphasis on how technology is playing a greater role in the industry.

Describe the Innovation Lounge and what technology will be available?

The Innovation Lounge is an area on the event floor devoted to 12 technology companies who are at the cutting edge of some cool and innovative products. We’re excited about this area as it will be very interactive and give attendees a terrific perspective as to how the industry is evolving. Featured will be robots, virtual reality solutions, facial recognition software, body scanning, holographic retail displays and more. This will be a “must see” area of this year’s New York National Dealmaking event, you won’t want to miss it!

If someone is interested in attending, how do they get more information?

Anyone interested in attending this year's event should go to the ICSC website and register, the process is quick and easy…….www.icsc.org. Currently, our registration numbers are well ahead of last years as we’re anticipating another record setting year.

Is ICSC planning any additional technology events for their members?

Technology has become a bigger part of the industry and vital to the day to day operation of our members. Our intention is to continue to bring these innovative products to our members so they’re aware of these new trends and innovative ways to streamline business processes. Our hope is to build upon what we’re doing at the New York show and create similar opportunities within the ICSC portfolio of events.

For more information about ICSC, New York National Deal Making and the Innovation Lounge visit icsc.org and follow them on twitter @ICSC, Facebook and LinkedIn!


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