Qrafter: QR Codes and 2D Code Generator

We are starting to see QR Codes on flyers, business cards, and any other possible marketing material.  How do you scan them and what are they?

A QR Code or a Quick Response Code is a trademark for a type of matrix barcode that was first designed for the automotive industry.  Anyone can create QR Codes from websites just by searching “QR Code Generator” on Google.  Scanning the codes requires a smart phone with a camera and an app to read the picture or scanned image of the QR Code.  Once the QR Code is scanned the user can be immediately sent to a website, video, open a v-card (electronic business card), dial a phone number, and so much more, without ever typing into the hand held device.

In the search for the best scanner for the iPhone and iPad, I stumbled upon a scanner and generator for QR Codes called Qrafter by Kerem Erkan.   Qrafter is an easy to use app that has a great website for support.  The app is a two-dimensional barcode scanner for the iPhone and iPad.  The free version of the app allows anyone to scan any QR Code very easily, but not generate a QR Code.  The Pro version costs $2.99 and is well worth the money if you are planning on generating QR codes, as I did for my new business card design.

The scanner is amazingly quick when reading a code and responds immediately with information that is very accurate compared to other scanners.  If you are planning on incorporating QR Codes into your offering memorandums or other marketing materials this app is worth the purchase.

Download this app: iPhoneiPad

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