QuikShow: Hiring an Available Agent for Another Agent’s Showing Opportunity

The one thing that virtually every real estate agent wants is the ability to be in two places at one time. While that might seem impossible, with Quikshow, one real estate agent can post a showing and hire a different agent to show the property. Because of this innovative app, you can be in two places at once.

Available for iOS users, the QuikShow app can be downloaded by visiting the App Store. Posting a QuikShow is extremely quick and easy. Once done, a buyer’s agent can view different profiles of agents who are bidding on a post, followed by choosing one agent to present the showing to clients. When you are selected as the showing agent, the app sends you a notification.

QuikShow is also highly beneficial for showing agents. This app allows you to use your license more efficiently, thereby making more money in-between finalizing deals. All you have to do is look at the available QuikShows located nearest to you, which appear on the app’s map. From there, you can place bids on the posts that interest you.

Exciting Benefits of QuikShow

In addition to being easy to download and use, QuikShow offers a number of exciting benefits. For instance, you can post and edit posts. For payment, QuikShow handles everything on your behalf. As a result, all you need to do is focus on work, building your business, making money, and, most importantly, keeping your clients happy.

To use QuikShow, you must be a licensed real estate agent or broker. In addition to having an active license, you have to be in good standing with your local and state real estate board. Although there is no fee to download the QuikShow mobile app, you are paid for using it. The payment that you receive excludes any applicable fees, which are explained in the Terms and Conditions section on the company website.

The company has implemented a unique rating system designed to discourage the showing agent that you choose from soliciting your client during the QuikShow. Since the rating is visible, this keeps agents and brokers in check. In other words, the rating system makes the real estate professionals who use QuikShow accountable for their actions, giving you peace of mind.

One challenge associated with similar apps is the limited number of homes that can be listed. With QuikShow, you can post as many homes as you want, meaning there are absolutely no limitations. Ultimately, you can post any number of QuikShows as a buyer’s agent. As a showing agent, you have the ability to bid on multiple QuikShows as long as you do not have another showing scheduled for that same timeframe.

To be successful in the competitive world of real estate, you have to hustle. Trying to jump from one showing to another is often impossible. The good news is that with QuikShow, you have an ally in another qualified agent or broker. This app offers a win-win solution.


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