Real Agent Guard Helping Keep Real Estate Professionals Safer

As real estate professionals are all too well aware, their jobs can be dangerous. Each time that an agent leaves to show a property, there is the potential that he or she could encounter someone with less than the best intentions. In the past, due to a lack of tech tools, real estate professionals had few options for ensuring their safety. Today, however, that situation has changed. Real Agent Guard now offers a suite of tools developed by security experts for the sole purpose of keeping real estate professionals safe.

Unique Safety Features Built Into Real Agent Guard System

By taking advantage of the mobile apps offered by Real Agent Guard, agents are able to connect with their own teams as well as family and friends. The app includes a patented countdown timer that remains functional even if the agent's phone is turned off or destroyed. This is the only system of its kind currently available and provides an additional layer of security and peace of mind for agents as well as their family and friends.

Real Agent Guard also offers an Open House Video Monitoring feature that makes it easy for real estate professionals to utilize a laptop equipped with a webcam in order to set up a mobile security camera. Since open houses can be one of the times when agents are most vulnerable, this feature can help ensure that agents remain safe while still working efficiently. Agents are also able to watermark their social profiles using a Real Agent Guard banner, thus deterring any criminals who might attempt to research agents for nefarious purposes. The app also includes an Agent Safe Harbors system that gives agents the opportunity to locate convenient locations where they can meet prospective clients safely. With this feature, agents no longer need to worry about the dangers that could befall them by meeting privately with new clients.

Affordable Pricing for Real Agent Guard System

To take advantage of the features included with Real Agent Guard, real estate professionals will need an enterprise license, which costs about $1 per month. Family and friends are also able to monitor up to four agents for less than $5 per month. Pricing is kept extremely affordable thanks to a $250,000 investment made by Xcelerate Capital. As a result, it is possible for agents to ensure their safety without spending a lot of money to do so.

Given the many security concerns that agents face on a daily basis, Real Agent Guard provides a convenient, sensible solution. Designed by security experts specifically with real estate agents in mind, Real Agent Guard provides solutions for the unique situations in which agents often find themselves. Users will find that the entire system was designed for ease of use. All it takes is pressing a single button in the app to arm the system. Real estate agents who would like to give the system a trial run can take advantage of a free product demo.


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