Real Estate Gets Its Own Version of Yelp

In a world in which it seems as though everything has gone digital, more consumers are now increasingly relying on online reviews to obtain as much information as possible prior to making a purchasing decision. Therefore, it only stands to reason that consumers would also look for online reviews prior to making a decision about what is inarguably one of the most important decisions of their lives; that of buying or selling real estate. Yelp has rapidly become the most popular review site online for all types of businesses. In fact, Yelp is often now the top search result anytime that someone types in the name of a business. Yet, the problem with Yelp is that it is not exactly specialized to one particular industry. Realtyps is setting out to change that by providing a Yelp-type review site specifically for the real estate industry.

Why There Is a Need

When a buyer is considering purchasing a property, he or she naturally wants to obtain as much information about that property as possible. Yet, the reality is that only so much information can be gleaned from the Multiple Listing Service. The only way to obtain the type of information that a prospective buyer or tenant really wants to have is via those who know the property best, including those who actually viewed the property.

Realtyps provides a wealth of information, including data regarding the number of people who have seen the property and of that number, the percentage of people who would actually recommend that property. The site also provides information regarding what users believe the property to actually be worth. For buyers who have experienced buyer's remorse in the past after purchasing a property only to realize that they may have overpaid, this type of information can prove to be highly valuable.

How the Site Works

The site allows users to search for properties by address, zip code, city, or even a combination of those elements. In addition, users can drill down results to a radius of between one and 10 miles. An extensive property description of each relevant property provides users with a wealth of information regarding that property, including any special amenities that may be available for that particular property. Each property is also awarded with a Typscore that helps users to quickly compare properties and determine which properties may be most suitable for their particular needs.

Users are also able to take a photo of a subject property and even submit a review of that property. For buyers who are searching for real estate tips submitted by real people rather than real estate professionals with a vested interested in marketing that property, Realtyps could provide the completely unbiased, third-party opinion they desire.

As the marketing of real estate becomes increasingly digital in nature, sites such as Realtyps will prove to be even more important to providing prospective buyers and tenants with the information they need to make an informed decision.

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