RealBiz Media Group Announces Launch of PowerAgent Tool

RealBiz Media Group, Inc. has recently announced the launch of PowerAgent. The video technology firm, which specializes in the real estate industry, has become a market leader. PowerAgent works by integrating multiple real estate marketing channels while combining social media and video production platforms. As a result, real estate agents are able to operate more effectively and close sales more successfully. With all of an agent’s listings consolidated into a single, easy-to-use portal, the platform also gives agents the ability to market and publish listing information with just the click of a button.

What Is Included in the New PowerAgent Tool

PowerAgent has developed into a fully integrated productivity suite that provides more tools than the company’s competitors have on tap. The features offered include a CRM as well as social media connectivity, lead generation, marketing, customer loyalty, and video creation platforms. With PowerAgent now available, RealBiz has shifted its emphasis from product development to trial and adoption. Marketing the product has also become a priority, as the company sources and tests new approaches to acquiring and retaining agent users.

Although real estate professionals now have access to a wealth of tech tools, RealBiz believes that PowerAgent will soon become the go-to tool of choice for real estate professionals who want to take advantage of the opportunity to work more effectively. The tool is priced at $39.95 per month.

RealBiz Experiences Massive Growth Over the Past Several Months

To date, RealBiz Media Group has reached an audience of more than 350,000 real estate agents and brokers. The firm provides a range of products, including NestBuilder, a consumer-based portal.

RealBiz Media has experienced a tremendous amount of growth over the past several months, and last year, the firm reported a number of advances to strengthen its financial and marketing position. Those advances include cost efficiencies as well as technology enhancements.

In an effort to reach more people in the real estate community, RealBiz Media raised $500,000 in funding from Himmil Group, a New York-based investment bank last year. The company reported that the majority of the investment funding would be directed toward a marketing campaign.

RealBiz reports producing more than 15,000 videos on a daily basis. The company has already put into place exclusive agreements with a number of key players in the real estate industry, including ERA and Century21. Built using 20 patents, the RealBiz video platform is now considered a premier video technology platform offering high-speed, high-quality video production capabilities.

As the real estate industry becomes increasingly competitive, real estate agents have found it necessary to stand out from their competitors by leveraging the latest technology. The tools provided by RealBiz are now making it possible for real estate professionals to do so while simultaneously providing their clients with the best and most immersive experiences possible. With so many tools integrated into a single platform, PowerAgent will also give real estate professionals the ability to work more productively and effectively within less time.




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