RealBlender Gives Tenants an Intuitive Search Experience

Based in Atlanta, RealBlender is shaking up how prospective tenants search for rental properties. While the company may only be two years old, it has already made a significant difference in the real estate industry. The idea behind RealBlender is to provide the best search experience possible in the commercial real estate industry. By focusing on ready-to-occupy vacancies, the company has streamlined and modernized many of the more traditional methods for searching for available properties. RealBlender deploys state-of-the-art, secure solutions now used by asset managers, tenant reps, and landlords.

In the past, both small as well as medium-sized businesses typically experienced significant challenges in locating spaces to suit their needs at prices that fit their budgets. Brokers, asset managers, and landlords all experienced the same difficulties in locating tenants for small vacancies. The solution offered by RealBlender helps to resolve that issue by offering a streamlined search experience focused on individual requirements. As a result, small to medium-sized businesses are able to locate the most appropriate spaces at prices they can afford.

Offering Advanced Transparency in the CRE Market

As the CRE marketplace has grown over the past few years, the demand for transparency has increased. RealBlender was launched with the goal of meeting that demand. The company’s unique marketing platform gives prospective tenants the opportunity to connect with brokers using a simple but intuitive search experience.

One element that makes RealBlender so different from other search platforms is the fact that the company takes a tenant-first approach. First and foremost, RealBlender is designed to make the lives of prospective tenants easier. The company does not charge any transaction or seat fees. While RealBlender does take a tenant-first approach, that is not to say that brokers cannot benefit from the platform. Both tenants as well as brokers can search local listings easily thanks to free, unrestricted access. Listings are offered in real time, giving tenants the opportunity to view floorplans. RealBlender also provides a helpful set of tool tips, as well as property details to help tenants understand as much as possible about a property to determine whether it will fit their specific needs. Prospective tenants can even share their favorite listings with partners or coworkers.

Brokers can take advantage of the opportunity to market their spaces free of charge. Properties can be listed for free within just minutes, using a simple uploading feature. Brokers can also utilize broker profiles and social marketing tools to gain additional exposure.

Since tenants may have different needs when it comes to commercial real estate spaces, RealBlender offers a variety of property categories. Among those categories are office space, retail space, industrial space, medical space, and flex space. Along with searching by category, prospective tenants can also search available properties based on minimum or maximum square footage and property class. Thanks to this type of intuitive search experience, prospective tenants can save a tremendous amount of time in searching for their next space without wasting time on properties that might not suit their specific needs.

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