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We all know the power of social networking on the Internet, but what about B2B networking?
After all, why should you allow your business endeavors to be inhibited by social and geographic limitations, when in fact the best deal for you could be offered by somebody all the way across the country who you’ve even never met before?

Enter Roy Abrams, a long-time tech executive and real estate developer, who contrived his new website, RealConnex, in order to streamline the dealmaking process and provide a platform to help commercial real estate professionals achieve the best possible outcome for their respective projects.






According to the company website, RealConnex provides assistance to the following real estate professionals in the following ways:

  • For Developers and Sponsors - RealConnex provides sophisticated tools to get deals done (including underwriting templates, research, and legal documents). It matches sponsors, developers, fund GPs to equity – including promote equity, debt, soft deposits, JV partners and professionals services in real time. RealConnex is safe, secure and translates the highly confidential off-line dealmaking process to an equivalent, sophisticated (yet simple) online platform.
  • For Investors – RealConnex assists investors in finding emerging deal flow and opportunities that fit their precise investment and return characteristics. RealConnex identifies relevant deal flow, improves a user’s range of deal options and better qualifies the sponsors they choose to invest with, be it developers, GPs, fund managers or syndications across all real estate investing categories.
  • For Lenders – RealConnex helps lenders find early emerging loan opportunities that fit the precise lending characteristics of borrowers most likely to qualify and fit their underwriting profiles.
  • For Real Estate Advisors – RealConnex helps identify early emerging and relevant engagement opportunities that fit specific service and client profiles. It saves real estate advisors time by targeting deals and the types of clients they most likely want to engage with.
  • For Property Owners and Operators – RealConnex targets the profiles of accredited professional service providers and insurers, providing a comprehensive range of solutions to property owners, operators and managers. Whether it involves building management, operations, development, leasing, operating costs, energy patterns/consumption, local/national building codes, legislation, occupancy statistics, technological developments or other industry trends, RealConnex is equipped to provide property owners and operators with the necessary tools to make sure everything runs as efficiently as possible.

RealConnex is currently up and running now with a full open beta. The first 500 members to join will receive two years of free membership, valued at $2,000 dollars, so if you’re thinking about jumping on the RealConnex train, act fast!

For more information about RealConnex, check out this blog post on The News Funnel: 13 Real Estate Tech Companies to Watch

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