RealMassive Helps Real Estate Professionals Streamline Marketing Efforts

RealMassive is helping to completely disrupt the real estate industry by streamlining marketing efforts. As the first source for real-time commercial real estate data, RealMassive offers a powerful yet simple way to assist commercial real estate professionals in collaborating and streamlining marketing efforts. At the same time, real estate professionals are also able to gain vital insight into how their properties are performing.

Data Made Available in Real Time

In order to remain competitive, real estate professionals must have access to the latest, most accurate data. RealMassive makes that possible by providing brokers with access to data via an intuitive toolset that can be used to perform market and property analysis, as well as client collaboration. The platform is cloud-based and highly flexible, thus helping to accelerate deal flow while reducing costs.

With the availability of accurate market data in real time, brokers and agents are able to see precisely how individual listings are performing against the rest of the market. The platform also provides real estate professionals with access to on-demand analytics for each property. That information includes everything from web page traffic to notifications when similar properties enter the market.

Marketing Insights Ready to Go on Tap

RealMassive allows real estate professionals to obtain the real-time market insights they need to truly get to know their markets. For instance, brokers and agents can view an in-depth, data-driven view of how their properties are performing as well as how the commercial real estate market is performing utilizing RealMassive's real-time analytics dashboard. Users can also generate reports that include valuable insights that can assist in making more informed, strategic decisions regarding property listings. As a result, CRE professionals can spend less time analyzing and more time making deals.

RealMassive also offers the opportunity to order premium media to drive even more business leads and better search visibility. Through strategic partnerships, RealMassive is able to provide premium media at exclusive pricing including custom HD photography, virtual tours, drone footage, and video production. Learn more about how premium media supports your marketing here.

Thanks to the single dashboard provided by RealMassive, all of this and more can be accomplished with ease.


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