RealMassive Is Rapidly Expanding Into More Territories

RealMassive has announced its plans to expand into more territories, including Miami. The company was the first data provider to offer open access to the commercial real estate industry. Originally launched in Austin, RealMassive is experiencing ground-breaking growth as it continues to branch into new markets on a monthly basis.

Taking on New Territories

Along with the firm's expansion into Miami, RealMassive has branched into a number of other areas including Tucson, Albuquerque, and Oakland. The launch of the Tucson market marked RealMassive's 29th market and brings the company's total market coverage to more than 4.1 billion square feet. Previously, RealMassive had branched into a number of other service areas, including Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Chicago, Denver, Dallas/Fort Worth, Greensboro/Winston-Salem, Orlando, Phoenix, Orange County, Raleigh-Durham, Providence, San Diego, San Antonio, Tampa, Seattle, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco. The firm has also announced plans to branch into Madison and Milwaukee. South Florida Business Journal reports that RealMassive's users are doubling every month due to their rapid acceleration. The company has also indicated that it might soon expand on an international level by branching into markets in Argentina and Brazil.

Robust Features for Tenants, Property Owners, and Brokers

In recent months, RealMassive has gained entry into an ever-increasing number of markets, growth primarily fueled by the partnerships the company has established with commercial real estate firms located around the country. Operated on a cloud-based framework, RealMassive first launched the framework in Austin, Texas. Among the features offered by RealMassive's platform is the ability for tenants and brokers to collaborate throughout the process of searching for a property, real-time market surveys, and even notifications that take place in real-time when a property becomes unavailable, thus ensuring that tenants do not waste their time on a property that is no longer on the market.

As a result of the services offered by RealMassive, users are able to search and compare thousands of property listings and do so in real time. This makes it possible for users to find the best space for their specific needs. The real estate exchange includes high-quality photographs as well as floor plans, videos, and even virtual tours. Interactive market surveys are provided to assist in streamlining decisions. Users can even share favorites lists with coworkers and other professionals.

While the advantages offered to prospective tenants is undeniable, property owners and brokers are also able to benefit from the data provided by RealMassive, as well. The exchange offers the ability to create and update marketing brochures and expand marketing exposure and reach through Twitter posts. A dashboard is provided to allow users to analyze their market return. There is no cost for users to list or to search for properties using the exchange.

Founded by a former Air Force intelligence officer and his partner who discovered the hard way that online data can oftentimes be inaccurate while they were searching for their own office space, RealMassive is now revolutionizing the commercial real estate industry.

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