RealScout: A Consumer Friendly Portal for Real Estate Agents

Simple. User-friendly. These are key words that consumers attach themselves to when it comes to mobile applications in today’s technological world. They also apply to people using applications to shop for houses online.
And while there are a few popular choices for out there house hunters —namely sites like Zillow and Trulia—many times user-friendly sites don’t carry the same content for real estate agents. Thankfully, a company called RealScout is attempting to give all real estate agents a fighting chance by offering agents a potent tool for their own digital toolbox.

The Price is Right

Charging $79/month for access that’s tied to local MLS’s in the markets it covers, RealScout gives real estate agents the ability to brand themselves through a mobile app for iOS and the internet.

realscoutThe service, which has already garnered more than $6 million in Series A funding, allows home buyers to use more personalized searches (such as yard size or kitchen specifics) when searching for homes. These language queries can then notify customers through automated alerts when a home matches their criteria. The goal behind this is for agents to retain and convert more high-value leads.

Even more, RealScout fills the gaps that systems like Zillow miss—mainly the human element of communication. Zillow (and similar web applications) have become outdated, and don’t always take into account recent information that an agent has at his or her fingertips.

Expanding Exponentially

RealScout currently holds position in larger cities, but they’re growing by leaps and bounds every year. They’re also actively developing tools to help them better leverage area data and supply prospective buyers with more efficient and complete listing information. As more and more agents continue to use their services, we should see both a corresponding rise in areas covered and in data offered.

It should be noted that RealScout’s recent line of investors included Formation 8, Ken DeLeon (the top realtor in the U.S. in 2012), and the former VP of sales and marketing at, Matthew Moore.

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