RealtyJuggler: An Online Real Estate CRM That Agents Depend on for Follow-up with Clients and Leads

When it comes to online Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) that allow real estate agents to follow up with both clients and leads, you will never go wrong in choosing RealtyJuggler. Included in this CRM are individual and bulk emailing, deal tracking, print marketing, and much more.

To benefit from RealtyJuggler, you are provided with a free 90-day trial. However, once the trial period ends, you can still enjoy the many benefits for an affordable annual rate of $99. RealtyJuggler is easy to use, and it can be operated on virtually any platform, including Windows, Mac, smartphones, and tablets.

Benefits for Individuals or Teams

Whether you are an individual real estate professional or part of a team, RealtyJuggler works incredibly well. With this CRM, you can aggregate and respond to leads, stay connected with past and current clients, and gain access to more than 100 flyer templates and a massive letter library.

Because RealtyJuggler is cloud-based, sharing is a breeze. Best of all, whenever you make changes, everything is updated automatically. This saves time and eliminates potential errors. As a cloud-based program, RealtyJuggler can also be accessed by other people, as long as they have authorization. You have the ability to set the level of accessibility, whether to view, edit, or author.

If preferred, you can configure RealtyJuggler for a small team of real estate professionals. That way, two or more people on the team can work in the same database simultaneously. Keep in mind that the configuration for sharing the same database is possible for up to eight people. Of course, RealtyJuggler can also be set up for a much larger workgroup. In that case, every member of the team would have his or her own database. While an individual agent could only see his or her records, the office assistant and managing brokers would see everything.

Listings for buyers and sellers can be tracked using RealtyJuggler. This allows you to see everything going on from the very beginning of the process all the way to closing. In addition, you have the ability to keep track of relevant expenses. Making this part of the program easier, RealtyJuggler actually calculates both projected and received income.

Because data can be imported and exported with little effort, there is no downtime when going from one device to another or moving from online to offline. RealtyJuggler can even be synchronized to your Google Apps or Gmail account. Although the process of using this system is extremely easy, the company offers training over the phone, as well as technical support, at no charge.

The parent company, RealOrganized, Inc., was created by Scott Schmitz and Davette Everly in 2003, giving the average real estate agent access to simplified training. Just one year later, RealtyJuggler was launched. With this CRM, coordinating multiple real estate activities is much easier for the agent, as well as buyers and sellers.

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