ReaLync Offers First Real Estate Based, Cloud-Based Platform for Virtual Tours

Recently, the first cloud-based platform focused specifically on real estatewas launched. ReaLync offers users the ability to take live virtual property tours and participate in open houses. Through the use of innovative technology, the platform has rapidly expanded to include everything from residential real estate to commercial real estate. ReaLync is also now serving the student housing sector.

When the platform was first launched, it primarily focused on leveraging live video to provide interactive property tours during the sales process. Since then, the platform has expanded rapidly and it is now also being used during the building process as a dynamic way to address any problems that might arise in the field. Clients are also able to take advantage of virtual tour updates in real time.

ReaLync Growing at a Rapid Pace

An updated product version was released by ReaLync in March and offers a variety of robust new features. For instance, users are now able to view interactive Google maps while participating in a live tour in order to view restaurants, amenities, and attractions in the nearby area. Such features make it much easier for prospective buyers and investors to gain a true sense of a property and its surroundings. ReaLync also provide a pre-recorded video functionality feature that makes it possible to record overlay titles and video clips and then edit them together to create a single, final video. Over the course of the past six months, ReaLync has reported added more than 2,000 users in some 40 states and more than a dozen countries.

In recent years, real estate marketing techniques have continued to evolve rapidly as consumers in all sectors have increasingly begun to demand methods that will allow them to interact in a virtual manner. Previously, real estate professionals, investors, and developers often had no choice but to rely on meetings in person. Such meetings were often inconvenient, expensive, and consumed tremendous amounts of valuable time.

With its host of robust features, ReaLync has helped to resolve a number of these issues by giving real estate professionals the ability to conduct business in a true virtual manner. As a result, everyone from clients to developers is able to enjoy completely immersive experiences that are stored to the cloud. This makes it possible for those experiences to be enjoyed from unlimited locations. No longer must investors be forced to make important decisions involving millions of dollars based on slideshows and photos. Instead, investors can enjoy the opportunity to take interactive tours in true real time. As ReaLync continues its rapid expansion, this platform could prove to significantly change the landscape of real estate by providing investors with the ability to make better informed decisions. At the same time, builders can help to reduce delays and cost overages by staying on top of projects in real time and eliminating many of the errors that can result in delays and bust a budget while the issues are still small.

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