REClarity Offers First Free Video Messaging App for Real Estate Professionals

For real estate professionals, efficient communication with clients and other industry professionals is vital. Jigsaw is now providing a free video messaging app, REClarity, the first of its kind. With this app, brokers, contractors, agents, and other real estate professionals create and share personalized video messages using their mobile devices. Users are able to utilize a variety of tools, including voice narration, photos, and even touchscreen gestures. With Zoom and Point, or ZAP, messages, users can take advantage of an alternative to emails and texts. ZAP messages tend to be more effective because they are able to demonstrate user intent far more clearly.
Once a ZAP video is created, users can share their message via a variety of outlets, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatApp, email, and text. Since such messages may often contain confidential information regarding clients and deals, REClarity has been quick to point out that it will have no access to data. The video remains the property of the user, and the user does not have to worry about losing control over his or her creation.

Real estate professionals can also benefit from the fact that the app is completely free. If a user desires, he or she can opt to purchase more time and images with a one-time in-app purchase, but the app itself is free to download.

REclarity 1.0 screenshot group

How the New Messaging App Is Used

The new REClarity app has revolutionized the way in which real estate professionals are able to communicate by combining voice annotation with photos and touchscreen gestures in order to create a customized video message. The process for creating a ZAP message is quite similar to showing someone the photos already on your phone or other mobile device with just a few swipes.

It is quite common for CRE professionals to utilize images with their various communications with clients and colleagues. In most cases, a real estate professional will send an email or a text and try to annotate image content within the actual body of the email or text. Not only is this process difficult, but it can also be quite ambiguous, leading to confusion. As a result, real estate professionals will often find the need to follow up with multiple emails and texts or even make phone calls. The entire process is quite inefficient. With REClarity, real estate professionals are able to create messages quickly and easily that allow for the transmission of information in an unambiguous manner. Overall, this helps save time while also helping real estate professionals work in a more efficient manner.

The ways in which REClarity can be used in the real estate industry are almost without limit, including giving real estate professionals the ability to highlight the details of a property to new clients, even clients in other geographic areas. REClarity could also be used to provide a stager or contractor with instructions or even to impart important information to a colleague.

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