Redfin Introduces New Book It Now Service for Booking Home Tours

Redfin has recently announced a new service that could completely revolutionize the home buying process by allowing prospective buyers to book a home tour in the same way that one would make a dinner reservation. In a world of instant gratification, the new service could make it much easier and convenient for buyers to take control of their search for a new home. Book It Now could also provide buyers with a significant advantage in incredibly strong real estate markets in which homes often sell within days of being listed. With homes selling at such a rapid pace, it is incredibly important for buyers to take action as soon as possible or run the risk of losing the opportunity to buy their dream home. The new booking service allows buyers to do just that.

According to Redfin, the goal of the new service is to transform every property listing into an open house that buyers are able to attend on their own schedule without the need to explain to agents why they wish to move or how much money they have available for a down payment.


How the Service Works

Each home for sale on the website now also shows an option for viewers to Go Tour This Home. Customers are able to choose the day and time they prefer for the tour and how long they are available and then click a button to request the tour. Once the request is submitted, customers will receive a confirmation email along with a phone call from a tour coordinator. Customers who have previously booked a tour may be able to benefit by booking tours automatically via an email confirmation. In addition, customers have the option to add or remove homes as they wish from the tour schedule.

In the process of finding the right home, it can also take viewing multiple homes. This is something Redfin obviously understands, as the company allows buyers to tour as many homes as they wish. Booking a tour with a Redfin agent also involves no commitment or obligation from the buyer to purchase with Redfin. As a result, buyers are able to retain their preferred agent.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this feature is that it allows customers to tour homes quickly without wasting any time. In highly competitive markets where newly listed homes often garner multiple offers within hours, successful buyers will find it is all about speed and convenience.

Redfin's Unique Approach to Real Estate

Redfin has earned a reputation for its unique approach to real estate. Rather than working just on commission, Redfin agents earn bonuses based on customer satisfaction. It is actually Redfin's unique team-based approach that has made the new tour booking service possible. By leveraging the latest technology, Redfin has made it possible for buyers to book home tours directly from their laptops or other devices by tracking agent schedules and when listings are available for showings.

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