RentPath Simplifying the Search Process

For many consumers, the process of finding the right rental property can be challenging. RentPath seeks to simplify the search process and make it easier for tenants to find the right property. Given the competitiveness of many rental markets around the country, this ease-of-search can be highly beneficial for renters who are struggling to find the right property.

Recently, RentPath has worked on expanding its services, including through the purchase of Lovely last year. RentPath picked up the San Francisco-based startup for a price tag of $13 million. Lovely made news as the first mobile end-to-end rental marketplace that allowed renters to search as well as apply for and pay rent directly online and from their mobile device.

Among the other brands operated by RentPath is Apartment Guide, a rental resource that helps to connect apartment consumers with the perfect place to live. Consumers are able to take advantage of a user-friendly format interconnected with mobile, online, and social media solutions. Due to the multi-platform search capabilities included in Apartment Guide, property managers and renters are able to connect to the site whenever they want and from any location.

Last year, RentPath reported generating approximately 3 million multifamily leads during the month of July alone in communities around the country. The company defines a qualified lead as a connected phone call or delivered email.

Features Included in RentPath's Offerings

RentPath has reported that prospective renters tend to use its websites and mobile apps due to the numerous advanced features included which make it easier to search for the ideal apartment. The firm has reported an inventory of more than one million HD photos and videos along with an interactive Room Planner and hundreds of thousands of HD and 3D floor plans. In addition, consumers can take advantage of Certified Resident Ratings & Reviews when comparing properties and determining which apartment may best suit their specific needs.

On the other side of the coin, apartment owners and operators are increasingly choosing to list their properties on RentPath due to the high quality and quantity of leads the company is able to deliver. Last year proved to be a record-breaking year for RentPath. In fact, the company delivered more multifamily leases than any other provider currently in the market. RentPath divisions, such as Apartment Guide also offer apartment owners and operators a wealth of features that make it easier to attract tenants. For instance, Apartment Guide offers the EasyPay Combo package that makes it possible for communities to advertise using a simple monthly subscription. Property owners and managers are also able to take advantage of free, mobile-optimized property websites that include a customized domain name as part of their advertising packages. By comparison, other providers typically charge a set-up fee upfront in addition to recurring monthly payments for the same type of solution.

With such a robust advertising program, rental property owners and managers are able to save time and money while attracting the qualified leads they need.

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