RETAs Results: What is the best CRE tech mobile app of 2014?


RESULTS: Best CRE Tech Mobile App of 2014

It’s time to announce the 2014 RETAs (Real Estate Tech Award) winners!

Results for each category will be announced throughout this week. Be sure to check back every day to view the winners for the following categories:

Most influential CRE tech thought leader of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Best CRE tech mobile app of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Top VC that backed one or more CRE tech companies in 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Most innovative CRE tech entrepreneur/CEO of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

Best overall CRE tech site of 2014 (RESULTS HERE)

#1 View the Space (VTS)




VTS is a cloud-based leasing and portfolio management platform that provides brokers and owners with real time visibility into every aspect of the leasing process.


* Logging and tracking deal information: Tenant info, Broker info, Property/Space, Comments * Real time deal pipeline. Deal trends by inquiry, tours, proposals, leases out, leases executed * Log tours from anywhere, display deal terms, track negotiations in real time, stored documents * Track and log the probability of success for any deal * Comment on deals that you are working with other team members * Display full deal history and comments

Note: To access this app, you need to have an existing account with View The Space.

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#2 Hightower




Hightower is one of the most sophisticated leasing platforms for commercial owners and brokers. With Hightower, you can manage your entire portfolio, deal pipeline, leasing documents, and collaborate with your leasing team, all in real time.

Brokers use Hightower to stand out in the industry, streamline the reporting process, and get real work done away from the office. Owners use Hightower to track deals across their portfolio and communicate in real time with their leasing teams.

Note: To access this app, you need to have an existing account with Hightower.

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#3 RethinkCRM




The REthink CRM mobile app provides a next generation customer relationship management experience for real estate professionals, brokers and agents. The cloud-based solution on the Salesforce platform makes real estate agents and brokers more productive in each stage of every transaction.

With the REthink CRM mobile app, professionals can track the lead conversion process, browse listings, close deals and monitor their pipeline through each stage of the sales cycle.

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#4 Property Capsule



Property Capsule allows you to bring your whole commercial real estate leasing portfolio into the modern age.  It alleviates the need for pre-printing and shipping of leasing materials to tradeshows and sales calls. Your portfolio is easily presented in real-time to potential tenants using your iPad. Start out with one or more modules then grow your Property Capsule with your needs.

The iPad connects to your Capsule and pulls all the latest information down for your presentations! You can run your presentations lightning-fast and totally offline... without any need for Internet connectivity! Time kills deals, you can't be dependent on an Internet connection when you're doing a presentation.

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#5 My Agent Call Journal Pro




New and trending is MyAgent Call Journal Pro, a phone app designed to help commercial real estate professionals more accurately keep track of their correspondence on the fly. Users can manage contacts, segregate them into specific lists, and even record voice notes to themselves, which they can then export to other organizational apps like Evernote, if they so choose.

MyAgent Call Journal Pro also equips users with the ability to monitor detailed analytics reports with regards to all of their correspondence. They can track the number of calls they make and compare that with how many leads are converted, so they know the best ways in which to allocate their time moving forward.

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