REthink CRM Launches New Website

In today's competitive business world, real estate businesses must take advantage of every available tech tool possible to stand out from the crowd. REthink CRM has recently leveraged the power of tech to redesign its website and offers users an impressive array of features. Partnering with, Rethink CRM offers a mobile-ready CRM specifically designed for both commercial and residential real estate professionals.

Features Available with the Commercial Version of REthink CRM

With the commercial version, users are able to take advantage of the opportunity to rank prospective client inquiries, generate lease comps, and even assign tasks to various team members. Perhaps one of the most impressive features offered with the commercial version is the ability of a brokerage to give the entire firm a comprehensive view of both the client and the prospect. Client data along with a complete history of the firm's relationship with that client can be stored for easy access. Team members can refer and update to this content on any device from any location.

The commercial version also boasts a unique property browser that allows users to take advantage of marketing and mapping in one easy-to-use feature. For instance, users are able to generate a geographic-based set of properties with images that can be transmitted to clients via a shareable PDF or can be saved for later reference.

Action plans are also available through the commercial version. Users are able to create automated workflows and assign responsibility to different team members at every juncture, thus creating enhanced visibility into the status of important projects. Reminders can be set to keep work moving and eliminate the potential for bottlenecks occurring that could restrict productivity.

Residential REthink CRM Features

Users are also able to benefit from an array of features with the residential version, including the option to integrate MLS listings and automatically match prospective clients with listings. REthink grants the ability for users to enjoy different experiences based on their profile and role. Permission-based security ensures the safety of data. Firms are also able to take advantage of enhanced views for client data with every event and interaction associated with clients preserved for future reference.

A matching criteria feature ensures that real estate professionals no longer need to manually sort through listings. Instead, REthink matches property listings to client requirements on an automatic basis. Matching listings can then be sent to clients via email. Reporting and analytics features provide brokers as well as team members with vital visibility into performance. As a result, it becomes possible for firms to understand where business is coming from and who is converting the most leads. Agents are also able to take advantage of a schedule organizer for keeping tasks and appointments in one place. Managers can use the organizer to view schedules and activities for everyone on their team.

The robust suite of features offered by REthink certainly seems to be making a difference. The firm reports that its users experience a 22 percent increase in sales.

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