Revaluate: CARFAX For Condos

The more informed you are as a commercial real estate professional, the more credibility you have. Going one step further, what stands to solidify someone’s professional opinion more in the eyes of a client than providing hard data to support it? Revaluate, which has been referred to as the CARFAX for homes, is a tool that allows brokers and agents to do just that.
What the site does, at its core, is utilize a database of information drawn from over 2,000 public and private sources to assemble livability scores for different properties. It does this by combining aggregate scores deviated from the analysis of data, assessing each area’s safety, quality of life, environment, and cost of living. Users merely have to enter the address and begin their search for that “perfect” apartment or condo. Upon beginning their search, Revaluate users will be presented with a host of different information, such as:

revaluate 1 Extensive data on the overall neighborhood in question

revaluate 2

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly when it comes to each living space

revaluate 3 

A custom livability index that breaks down exactly how the program is scoring each property

revaluate 4

The dwelling’s overall livability score based on the above criteria

revaluate 5

Even what famous neighbors you may stand to encounter in your travels

Interested in what a sample report from Revaluate would look like? Click here. Another feature that makes Revaluate stand out is the ability to compare properties against one another to get a feel for which one has the most upside. In the end, if this is a product that stands to benefit prospective homebuyers, you as an industry professional cannot afford to overlook it.

Visit the company website today in order to obtain your own free, personalized report and get a better feel for the product. Revaluate does happen to still be in beta, though, and is fully operational only in New York City at the current moment. However, they have expressed plans to expand in the near future, so if you’re doing business outside of the Big Apple and are interested in the service nontheless, you might not have to wait for long.

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