Roambi Flow: Next generation market reports

Just about every national commercial real estate brokerage firm publishes some type of quarterly market report, normally in a boring PDF format.
And at the end of each quarter, you've either got to wait for an email or visit the broker's website to download their newest report.

Imagine downloading an app which would not only deliver quarterly market reports directly to your iPad, but would allow you to interact with each chart, rather than just seeing the same old up/down from previous quarter arrows.

From Roambi Flow's website:

Roambi Flow unlocks all the value of your business information. It is an innovative business app and information publishing platform that lets you easily create and share all types of information and intelligence in simple, intuitive and engaging business reports — securely, on the iPad.

Built from the ground up to leverage the unique experience of the iPad, Roambi Flow builds on the power of Roambi Analytics to create compelling magazine-style publications based on custom content or existing documents. With the new PDF import capabilities in Roambi Present, any document can be easily transformed into a dynamic report containing interactive analytics.

Engaging digital magazine-style - Annual reports, marketing collateral, product catalogs and other publications can evolve into interactive iPad apps with robust analytical content.

Point-and-click publisher - Anyone can create professional publications with built-in design templates and an intuitive publishing platform.

Triple-Layered Security - Protects the confidentiality of your critical data and information. You can securely share you publications with whomever you choose, or no one at all. The materials cannot be forwarded or sent to others without your approval.

Need an example? Read no further...

Roambi’s interactive charts allow for readers to view longer, more historical market trends adding tremendous value to every report.

The question is not will our industry embrace this type of approach, but who will be the first to make the conversion. There's an early adopter's advantage at stake, and it will be interesting to see who has the foresight to be the first

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