Robin: A Dashboard For Your Office

One of the goals of modern technology is to make our lives more efficient, and Robin is an app that falls directly in line with that philosophy. By equipping important rooms in a workplace with sensors, Robin assists users in working more efficiently and less awkwardly.
Still confused as to how it works? It’s really simple …


Users outfit the rooms in their office with a sensor (which ranges from $5 to $30; usually only one sensor is required per room) that detects the app on each registered phone. When someone enters a room, they are effectively “signed in” to that room, meaning that their presence is registered on the app and viewable to the other users.

Always managing to bump into that one person you’re trying to avoid at the office? Robin makes sure that will never happen again. It also allows employees to work more efficiently, enabling them to reserve conference rooms ahead of time so that there isn’t a double-book and ensures that no employee is ever “off the grid” when they are needed to discuss something important.

One of the coolest features about the app is the incorporation of “location-specific personas,” meaning that rooms can be tuned to respond in different ways to different users. Enjoy watching the news every morning? Program the TV in your office to turn on as soon as you walk through the door.

Pricing for the app varies, depending on the size of the rooms covered. If you think the above is an exciting product, you won’t believe what the team behind Robin has in store for the future. All in all, no matter how you cut it, the technology is improving and the arrow is pointing up for this interesting concept.

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