Roostify – Web and Mobile Service That Benefits Lenders, Homebuyers, and Real Estate Agents

To speed up the process of closing on mortgage loans while also reducing risk, the Roostify platform has become a trusted option. With this platform, lenders, homebuyers, and real estate agents, as well as other involved parties associated with the home loan and closing process, become more accountable. As a result, everyone is less stressed, which equates to an overall better experience.

With Roostify, sharing and tracking information between loan offers and borrowers is seamless. In addition, the responsiveness of clients improves significantly with this secure interface. In addition, loan offers have shorter cycles. For the borrower, this creates more visibility throughout the entire loan and closing process, which dramatically reduces delays.

Key Benefits of Roostify

The Roostify platform offers a number of key benefits, including:

100% Secure – From the application to the closing process of purchasing a home or business, security is critical. With Roostify, you never have to worry that sensitive information will be compromised.

Anywhere Access – Another reason that so many people appreciate this new platform is that it can be accessed from anywhere using a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Centralized Location – Virtually all documents and tasks associated with a mortgage application and closing process are maintained in a central location. As imagined, this streamlines the process as well as prevents something from being overlooked.

Ongoing Awareness – With the Roostify platform, you have the ability to track each step in the home-buying process. Because of this, you are aware of tasks that different people are working on and the deadlines for those tasks.

The real estate industry has become high-tech, which is great, but this can also complicate certain matters. The Roostify platform was designed to change the home lending experience, making it easier and more accelerated instead of complicating the process.

Today, mortgage originators and banks throughout the United States depend on Roostify daily for dealing with borrowers and real estate agents. Using this platform, the entire mortgage loan to closing process has changed. Since first launching, Roostify has grown tremendously. In fact, it recently partnered with Genworth Mortgage Insurance to help people purchase homes as well as keep them in their homes.

As a platform with a centralized location for loan officers, borrowers, underwriters, and others involved in the mortgage loan process, building networks and collaborating has become much easier. As for the partnership with Genworth, this is the first time that an insurer of mortgages has been able to offer customers a platform integration directly.

Another benefit of Roostify for Genworth is the ability to evaluate mortgage risks while streamlining interactions with greater accuracy. Professionals in the mortgage and real estate business understand the importance of embracing technology. With the Roostify platform, everyone involved with the loan and closing process enjoys a smoother transition. In the end, the borrower closes on the mortgage loan quicker, which is good for all parties.

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