SalesLoft’s Addresses The Do’s and Don’ts of the Automated Sales Process

The influx of sales automation tools has worked wonders for the modern sales team, but despite its advances and benefits, human contact is still king. Automating the sale process can streamline team activity and reduce the danger of missed details, but it should never replace the value of reaching out with an actual hand.

Of course, the best solution is a bit of both:  automation helps best when it enhances the sales process that is already in place.

SalesLoft’s website includes a “do/don’t” list to consider when your team is working with sales automation.

Included in the “do’s:” target your team’s pain points, enhance your existing process, and audit your existing rules. Pain points can include the time suck of admin time -- decide which admin can be automated so that the team can be set free. As well, automating follow-up or “nurture” emails can help keep the team engaged and in front of prospects.

When it comes to sales team automation, it’s never a good idea to automate an initial intro email. Prospects best respond to a personalized experience. Another “don’t:” over-automation. Don’t give the impression that there is no human being behind all the bells and whistles.

The ultimate goal is just the right amount of automation and personalization; turn your team into a sales machine that’s driven by humans.

SalesLoft improves efficiency by aggregating the entire sales process into a single location, eliminating the need to toggle between different applications. The location is customizable to fit the individual nuances of the seller’s process. Updated design and information architecture about the prospect and the company helps streamline and make more efficient the steps needed to take further actions.

Smart Panels separate information by categories; these can include stats, quick actions, and contact info. Having all the information contained on one screen reduces digital-age distractions.

When it comes to personalizing an automated process, SalesLoft presents a case study:

Natalie Kerns, a business developer for Cloud Elements, had a challenge: meeting hundreds of people, then attempting to follow up. Yet, these days, “you need to be very targeted with your messaging,” she says. SalesLoft’s platform allowed her to spend most of her time writing the message that would best resonate with the target company. Once that’s accomplished, SalesLoft takes it from there, so that Natalie could get on with her other tasks.

“I used to only be able to reach out to 10 people a day with a personalized message,” she says. “Now I feel like I can reach out to 100.”

SalesLoft allows you to monitor all the activity in your funnel, and stay on top of all your sales tasks, all on one screen. You can also comprehend your performance (scheduling, execution, and accountability) at a glance. All your interactions are tracked, providing data and how it compares to your peers. This helps the entire team understand what messages are working and how to convert prospects into qualified appointments.

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