Save Time and Energy With Retroficiency

While it may not be designed specifically for property owners or managers (the program is geared towards ultilities and energy service providers) Retroficiency is a solution that you literally can’t afford not to know about if you’re looking to cut costs as a property owner/manager.

Buildings account for nearly half of the energy consumption in the United States. An even more alarming number is that 30 to 50 percent of this energy is completely wasted. Using big data and analytical software, Retroficiency seeks to drastically reduce the amount of misused resources that pervade through the commercial property sector, as well as the extensive amount of time a traditional energy audit on a building normally takes (weeks, sometimes months).

Retroficiency’s first product, Automated Energy Audit, was launched in 2011 with the intention of streamlining this process. The software equips users with the ability to quickly diagnose their efficiency problems and develop solutions using only basic building specifications and energy usage data, therefore allowing them to circumvent the long, drawn-out process of a physical building audit.


In 2012, Retroficiency brought Virtual Energy Assessment (VEA) to the marketplace. VEA software contrives energy conservation solutions by combining a large database of commercial building models with advanced data analytics. VEA

harnesses this information to create a “weather-normalized” model of a building, to compare it with the building being studied, in order to calculate what its overall energy and monetary savings should be, as opposed to what they actually are. VEA evaluates the heating, cooling and lighting costs of each building to target the specific areas of inefficiency. This maintains a significant level of importance considering that only 30 percent of the buildings contained within a portfolio are typically responsible for 70 percent of the efficiency savings opportunities.


Retroficiency has combined these two programs to form the Building Efficiency Intelligence (BEI) platform, which is designed for large utilities and energy service providers with the intent of addressing the full efficiency lifecycle in a four-step process.


BEI works by first targeting the properties in a portfolio in need of the most energy savings. The next goal is to convert these assessments into real projects, followed by tracking the new efficiency opportunities and verifying the savings they bring about. In this fashion, targeted properties are not only made more energy efficient more quickly, but their progress is also recorded and monitored over time in the instance that any adjustments may be required down the road.













Retroficiency can conduct energy audits on property types ranging from office buildings, to retail outlets, and multifamily buildings, just to name a few.

Visit this page for a demo if you’re looking to learn more about Retroficiency’s in-depth energy/cost-saving solution.

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