Search Alliance Looks To Transform The Landscape of The Real Estate Industry

HomeASAP is poised to take the real estate world by storm with its recently announced platform, Search Alliance. Search Alliance works by integrating the collective power of real estate agents nationwide to operate more effectively and more transparently.

HomeASAP created Search Alliance, which it launched in February 2016, because it saw the need for agents to have a legitimate alternative to Zillow or Trulia. Agents have a desire to not be squeezed by national search portals, where they are forced to adhere to less than desired protocols and high advertising costs. Worst of all, they receive no guarantee of generating leads, despite committing to significant monthly costs.

Search Alliance aims to address all of the issues faced by agents on the major real estate aggregator websites. Its goal is to be a true competitor to these national portals while also looking out for the best interests of the agents themselves. The key to doing this is by improving the caliber of leads agents receive, reducing the cost per lead, and providing lead purchase transparency and predictability.  

Search Alliance offers a new take on the home search experience through, their consumer-facing brand.  With a sleek, modern search interface, they’ve essentially created a national portal by networking the IDX feeds of real estate agents across the United States. As consumers search in and out of different locations, the site seamlessly switches to an agent on the network who best serves that area. The Alliance has created a network that has the technological strength of a national search portal, but also ties in the local expertise of agents in various markets.  

Agents will receive organic leads and traffic by becoming a member of the Search Alliance. To ensure an adherence to member quality, Search Alliance functions as an invitation-only platform. New invites are being distributed regularly, but agents can also request an invitation to join. The typical wait period for agents requesting an invite is between 2-6 days.  Upon becoming a member, agents will be able to participate in the network exchange of consumer traffic and receive organic leads.  

Each member possesses a Search Alliance-issued home search site that seamlessly integrates into the platform. An agent’s networked site is branded exclusively to them. This network site covers property searches in their local market. Further, the individual agent selects the size of their market area based on their own designations, not on generic templates such as zip codes. By linking all of these local search sites together to form a national network, Search Alliance produces a free flowing exchange of home search traffic between agents.

Agents also have the ability to purchase leads inside the network. Every agent can control the price per lead they are willing to spend by specifying a bid for each lead delivered inside their designated market boundary.  Most importantly, agents will only pay for leads that they actually receive and never pay more (sometimes less) than their bid price. These features will ensure that the cost of leads will be purely market driven by agents. There will be no ad clutter and the system will contribute to greater transparency and flexibility for agents to set their marketing budgets, as they see fit.

Whether you are a real estate novice or a seasoned vet in the profession, there’s no denying the power that can come from the nation’s agents working together. With Search alliance, agents finally have a marketing platform that matches the major national portals feature for feature.  With early testing showing that eight out of ten home buyers preferred the HomeASAP search over Zillow in side-by-side testing, Search Alliance is sure to make some waves in the real estate industry.

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