ServiceGems Delivering on New Technology to Improve Process Management in CRE

Realtors and property managers face a number of significant challenges, including the need to locate and screen vendors. is changing that situation by offering new technology that makes it possible for users to take advantage of improved process management for commercial real estate properties.


Streamlining the Vetting of Contractors

With ServiceGems, it is no longer necessary for users to issue RFP calls, a process that can consume significant amounts of time and resources. Instead, users can take a more streamlined approach that allows everyone from real estate developers to property managers to connect with vetted contractors.

In the past, property managers and developers often had no other choice but to rely on word of mouth and hope for the best when searching for contractors. ServiceGems makes the process easier providing aggregated information that includes pictures, reviews, past performance, insurance information, licenses, and price. Thanks to the availability of improved insight and more options, users are able to make more informed decisions while at the same time taking advantage of the opportunity to obtain better pricing. Such a streamlined approach also takes far less time than when using traditional methods.

The goal of ServiceGems was to provide a system that would simplify the responsibilities of property managers and building owners. Searching for contractors and attempting to obtain quotes alone can take up massive amounts of time. Unfortunately, even after hours of trying to find a reputable and professional contractor, property owners and managers often discover that the contractor they hired is not up to the task.

This can prove to be a significant problem for property owners and managers because it not only means spending money on inferior work, but it can also result in significant time delays in completing projects. Ultimately, this can result in tenant dissatisfaction and could even increase vacancy rates. With ServiceGems, that is no longer a problem because property owners and managers are able to streamline the process of finding qualified contractors.

How ServiceGems Works

ServiceGems works by centralizing work histories for contractors in an easy-to-use dashboard, thus saving significant amounts of time. As a result, it is possible to eliminate many of the hassles related to hiring a contractor. This rapidly expanding service also offers a number of other features for property owners and managers, including the ability to keep track of their favorite contractors.

In situations in which property owners and managers must manage multiple properties, the process of tracking which contractors were used for which projects at which properties can prove to be burdensome. ServiceGems has also helped to simplify that process that providing a Property Management Dashboard that makes it easy to manage all properties and contractors used from a single location.

First established in 2012, ServiceGems began in Canada and has now extended into the United States. Today, the company offers approximately one million licensed contractors that provide a broad range of services, including plumbing and home renovations. The service is entirely free.

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