SharpLaunch Makes Digital Marketing Sharper than Ever

As CRE marketing continues to become a vital element in promoting property listings, commercial real estate professionals have begun to seek methods to make the process as seamless as possible.

A successful commercial real estate marketing strategy goes beyond simply creating static flyers, adding listings to LoopNet, or sharing stale presentations.

SharpLaunch delivers the ideal solution for such needs. Offering a full-feature digital marketing platform, SharpLaunch makes it possible for real estate professionals to win more deals.

One of the ways SharpLaunch makes this possible is by increasing visibility of property. By creating impactful property websites, complete with corporate branding, real estate professionals and property owners are able to take advantage of the opportunity to increase leasing activity and sales.

Offering a Wealth of Property Website Tools

SharpLaunch also offers the opportunity to drive better insights by offering a wealth of tools that helps users to monitor real-time contact activity more easily.

Recognizing that real estate professionals do not have time to waste, SharpLaunch also offers fast setup. In fact, with SharpLaunch, it is possible to be up and running in less than seven days. Furthermore, SharpLaunch manages and sets up everything, giving users the ability to spend more quality time on their clients.

In the past, when real estate professionals needed a property website, the process could be time-consuming and expensive. With SharpLaunch, it is possible to take advantage of a professional property website that offers prospective investors and tenants 24/7 access to critical property information.

SharpLaunch also offers the benefit of contact management. For instance, users can see when a client views documents, thereby allowing the opportunity for follow up. In fact, it is even possible to enable document sharing via the secure virtual file room, where users can upload and store documents. A comprehensive analytics dashboard gives users the ability to understand how their site is being used. As a result, it becomes possible to focus on the things that matter most. By monitoring the online performance of a property website, users can gain the latest information regarding the activity of potential leads. Along with finding out where those visitors are coming from, users can see the files they download and much more.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance in commercial real estate transactions. SharpLaunch enables users to read and accept digital confidentiality agreements in order to keep files and documents completely safe and secure.

Management and Insight from a Single Portal

Users can also take advantage of multi-property management capabilities with SharpLaunch. An entire property portfolio can be managed from a single central portal. As a result, users are able to save a tremendous amount of time in the management of their properties.

As the world in which we live becomes increasingly digital, it has become more important than ever for real estate professionals to gain as much online exposure for their properties as possible. Doing so can mean the difference between gaining a competitive edge and properties languishing on the market. SharpLaunch gives property owners and real estate professionals the tools and exposure they need to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

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