Simplify, Analyze and Improve With OpenLease

OpenLease is a program with a user-friendly design that was conceived for commercial real estate executives, brokers, asset and portfolio property managers with the goal of presenting them with actionable data in real time, packaged in a way that renders gathering additional insights as a user as the only natural next step.
What does this mean at the core? Simplicity. OpenLease integrates with the data you already have in your existing system, so you don’t have to completely change most of the routines you already have in place. But, for users more comfortable with shaking things up and starting from scratch, it offers a manual data entry option as well.

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One of the most significant aspects of OpenLease is that it’s based in the cloud. After all, what good does actionable data in real time do you if you can’t access it from anywhere, at any time? As such, the software connects directly to your property management system, so users can quickly act on the insights they have gathered without a single second of wasted time, affording them the opportunity to gain more of an advantage against the competition (timing is everything!).

So, in a nutshell, why should you consider using OpenLease? Their team would give you the following responses if you posed this question directly to them:

  • It’s Convenient – It’s a cloud-based and malleable program with that works well with the current systems that you already have in place.
  • It Respects Your Legacy – Unlike the many other service providers who probably consider your old systems as outdated, OpenLease views your history, processes and established practices as works of art that need to be preserved and enhanced to make what you already have work better for you.
  • It Enhances Workflow – By tapping into your old systems and building upon them, OpenLease works by helping you avoid the deluge of changes that incorporating a new system normally entails and enhances employee workflow by tapping into your existing tools and improving on them. It means better results, but with no additional time wasted.
  • Focused – As stated before, the two overriding goals are to simplify and enhance your current portfolio management tactics at the same time. Another way that OpenLease removes the burden off users is by not choosing to bog them down with a myriad of versions and customizations.

The next logical question that you’re probably asking yourself is “what does simplifying and improving upon my current portfolio management tactics stand to cost me? “OpenLease offers a pretty flexible pricing program, which begins with a straightforward outline but, much like the system itself, is highly flexible based on a number of variables such as the number of leases you have per month, as well as the geographical region that you’re operating out of.

In the end, contact them for a tailor-made quote if they seem to have captured your initial interest. Still feeling a little skeptical? Feel free to take part in either a public demo, or schedule a private one for yourself.

For more detailed information on open lease and the precise features is offers, please refer to this video:

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