SiteCompli: Allowing NY Commercial Property Owners to Sleep Soundly

If you’re a property owner, service manager or contractor doing business in an area as busy and chaotic as New York City, for example, you realize that one of your first main courses of action has to be remaining up-to-date on the latest building codes and regulations. As with many other research-intensive processes, this takes a lot of time and effort. And, not only that, but a continuous amount of double-checking and backtracking is required to make sure that all of your ducks are in a row.

After all, the only thing worse than spending hours of your time combing through fragmented databases for critical pieces of information pertaining to your portfolio is having some last-minute change in a law ending up costing you money anyway. SiteCompli is a compliance-monitoring solution that keeps track of all of the pertinent information in relation to your portfolio in real time, so you can make sure that your time and energy is best-spent fixing problems before they arise, as opposed to wasting it dealing with them as they come.

The premise behind SiteCompli is simple. Users sign up and select the properties that they would like to follow in the SiteCompli database. From there, there are a few different functionalities that the site employs, including:

  • Data from Multiple Agencies for Multiple Properties – SiteCompli continuously and automatically compiles the most up-to-date information that pertains to your properties from multiple government organizations, while simultaneously tracking required inspections on equipment, job applications, permitting, and more.
  • Alert, Track, and Inform – SiteCompli can be set up to trigger email alerts to any party of interest on each user’s team in the event that there is something that needs to be attended to immediately. It also keeps track of building performance and compiles reports that both track progress, as well as serve to identify any developing issues before they become expensive problems.
  • Organize All of Your Newfound Data - SiteCompli not only supplies you with the latest information about your portfolio, it allows you to organize it using document storage and seamlessly synchronize any pertinent information to your calendar.
  • Never Miss a Hearing – SiteCompli keeps track of all of your hearings and sends you automated reminders.
  • Resolve Complaints Before They Turn Into Violations – SiteCompli alerts you when a complaint has been filed in the city, so you have a chance to rectify any issues before city inspectors can issue you a violation.
  • Never Incur Fines Due to Missed Inspections – SiteCompli provides a clear snapshot of what major inspections are coming up, allowing you to avoid the automatic violations and fines that result from missing an inspections

As the old saying goes, time is money. SiteCompli is just the latest in the new wave of technological solutions being ushered into the commercial real estate sector that are meant to consolidate information and package it in a way so that real estate professionals are now free to use their time more productively. The only downside when it comes to SiteCompli is that it is only currently available in New York City. Until that changes, any NYC-based property owner, service manager or contractor looking to give it a try should sign up for the 30-day risk-free trial.

If you’re interested in learning more about SiteCompli, check out this exclusive Q&A with co-founders Jason Griffith and Ross Goldenberg on The News Funnel.

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