Skyrise Set to Build a Community for Commercial Spaces

Social media has rapidly become the new way for everyone from everyday individuals to professionals to communicate about practically everything. Now, a new startup has taken on the goal of providing the opportunity to communicate more effectively in the commercial real estate sector. Skyrise boasts a number of impressive features that could soon transform the community aspect of commercial spaces.skyriseapp*

Social Events on Tap

Among those features is a community that will create a social feed in order to create important connections and even community engagement between tenants in that particular property. With a community events calendar, Skyrise makes it easier for tenants to post and check upcoming events. Given that the lifestyle of a particular community is such a strong selling factor in a property, the ability to ensure a lively social scene could prove to be a significant plus. No longer do residents need to worry that they will miss out on the best activities offered in their building.

Easier and More Effective Communication

Tenants are not alone in their ability to communicate more effectively via Skyrise. The startup also features an impressive communication suite that allows management to send push notifications regarding community news and updates, as well as important alerts. Skyrise also offers the opportunity for building management to enable messaging between tenants and management as well as tenant- to-tenant messaging. When management needs to get the word out about an important event or update, this feature will allow them to do so quickly and efficiently. At the same time, the messaging feature ensures that tenants are able to feel completely connected. In the event that an emergency situation or other issue should arise, tenants will be able to use the messaging feature to alert or send a question to management as well as to communicate with other tenants.

Automatic Concierge Feature

The included Concierge feature allows buildings to connect tenants to important shared aspects and even reserve those amenities or assets. This not only makes such amenities more convenient to enjoy, but could also help to eliminate any confusion or double-booking of such amenities, thus making it much easier for everyone within a space to enjoy the amenities offered by that community. For tenants who are searching for a building or community that makes it possible to enjoy a higher quality lifestyle, the Concierge feature provided by Skyrise could prove to be a tremendous boon for many communities that are seeking to compete by providing tenants with the best possible lifestyle.

Today, it is no longer enough for properties to provide a few amenities. In today's technologically charged landscape, tenants demand not only the best amenities, but they also desire the technology to connect to those amenities in the most convenient manner possible. This is precisely what Skyrise sets out to do. While the app is not yet live, the design behind it certainly appears as though it could change the face of commercial spaces while giving tenants more access to features than ever before.


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