SnapGuide: How-To do…. anything

SnapGuide is a clever iPhone app that makes creating a "how to" guide simple. Using a template like interface, you add titles, text, photos or video snippets and with a few more clicks, create your guide. Reorganize elements by dragging them to their new location. Then publish it on the SnapGuide site, share it on social networking sites or email the guide (you'll get the guide URL that way, too, to use on your website or blog).
The interface is a work of art:

“I was immediately floored by how well this thing is built. Every inch of the user interface has been polished to perfection, with tiny details (like the subtle threads on the nav bar’s buttons) showing just how much care they put into this.”


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it's designed specifically for "how to" guides - you'll need to fill in a materials page and steps (as many or as few as you want) - and the SnapGuide site is strictly for do it yourself types, CRE agents could create some interesting content. Consider breaking down CRE transactions or providing simple primers on the intricacies of CRE - how to find office space, determining your monthly lease costs, calculating ROI. Write your script, shoot the videos or photos with your phone and put together a visual guide for your potential clients.

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