SpaceSweets Gives Multi Users Different Perspectives with 3-D Floorplans

The ability to leverage data has become increasingly important in most industries in the last few years, including the real estate industry. 3-D technology has continued to have a tremendous impact on the real estate sector. In the past, when a prospective buyer or tenant wanted to view a property, it was necessary to schedule an appointment with an agent and then physically visit the location. This often involved visiting multiple properties before locating a property that would meet the client's needs. Rather than investing so much time and effort in visiting properties in person, 3-D technology is now making it possible for clients to see a property the way it actually looks without the need to ever leave the office.

Phaide has recently introduced a platform that takes real-time data, such as mobile phone locations or temperature, and places that data in 3-D floorplans. While providing a marketing tool for showcasing building spaces, SpaceSweets also offers the opportunity to demonstrate the performance of buildings to managers and architects. The distinctive design of the platform even allows multiple stakeholders and users to take advantage of different perspectives of a property online.

 How the Platform Works

With CAD 3-D capabilities, SpaceSweets recreates and hosts any part of a building portfolio for customers to view online from a user's website. The platform also features interactive design capabilities for those times when a visitor wishes to interact with a building before even visiting it. SpaceSweets applications make it easy to create beautiful 3-D visualizations. Widgets are also available to make it easier and fun to understand the capacity of a space. Users can also take advantage of the opportunity to connect to live data by using their model to broadcast live data streams from connected devices, such as iBeacons, mobile devices, and sensors.

Based on a user's specifications, SpaceSweets can turn the most basic building plans into beautiful 3-D visualizations that will provide added value for building managers and clients. The process begins when users provide some details about their space, such as dimensions, photos, or even 2-D or 3-D plans. Users then decide which features they wish to include and how they would like their building model to look. SpaceSweets offers the opportunity to practice layouts as well as add and remove furniture.

Once a user is satisfied with the way everything looks, SpaceSweets takes over and makes the user's building completely interactive based on the features requested, including lighting and furniture layouts. The platform will even program it to work in 3-D from the user's website. Users can choose as many layouts as they would like before launching it from their website. Boasting a fully responsive dashboard, a user's building is now able to go live and is ready for viewing by new clients and visitors.

In a world in which everyone is increasingly pressed for time and is often turning to digital resources to search for and view prospective properties, SpaceSweets is meeting a definitive need within the market.

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