SPARK Ignites Faster Lead Generation for Real Estate Professionals

As real estate professionals are well aware, a sales pipeline sometimes needs a little jumpstart to get it going. That is precisely what SPARK is designed to do. Introduced by AMP Technologies, SPARK is a mobile CRM app that gives commercial real estate professionals the ability to convert leads more easily. With SPARK, all of the data associated with thousands of leads is made more easily accessible. Even better, SPARK automatically syncs updates with the Asset Management Platform. In an industry in which every moment counts, this tool makes it possible to close deals faster while generating new avenues of revenue. Since SPARK syncs updates and actions in real-time, everyone working on the platform is able to stay organized and connected.

In addition, SPARK sets the path for continued growth by enabling users to view their progress and success on their home screen. For instance, users can view the deals that have been lost or closed successfully. The app even provides a detailed occupancy breakdown for selected assets along with a visual display. By providing a display of organized actionable data, SPARK gives real estate professionals the ability to take their pipeline to the next level for increased revenue-building opportunities.

Improved Contact and Sales Pipeline Management

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a sales pipeline is identifying the correct time to make the next step. SPARK makes it easier for real estate professionals to determine which leads are in which stage of the sales process. The platform also gives users the ability to view critical information for every prospect, including notes and contact information. All such information is only a swipe or a click away, ensuring that commercial real estate professionals need never worry about losing contact with a lead. At the same time, it becomes much easier and more efficient to maintain pipelines.

The subject of back office automation is one that has become increasingly important in the real estate industry, with real estate professionals vying to become more competitive. CRM is one technology that continues to come up in the industry, particularly as real estate professionals struggle to fit more into their already crowded schedules.

The Rise of Automated Back Office Solutions

Automated back office solutions, like SPARK, make it possible for real estate professionals to automate their workflow for faster and more efficient transactions. In the past, CRE professionals had no choice but to rely on copious reams of notes, business cards, and other documents for managing transactions and sales pipelines. Today, that is no longer necessary. With continually evolving CRM solutions, everyone can be assured they have the most recent information and details never fall between the cracks.

In addition to delivering accountability, SPARK is also providing mobility to asset management, something that the real estate industry is certainly ripe for at the moment. The app is available at no cost in the App Store and is slated to soon be available for Android devices.

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