SpiderSuite: A Lender’s Best Friend

Commercial property inspections can take up quite a bit of time. As with many other components of doing business in the CRE sector, there are a lot of moving parts at play when it comes to ensuring that properties are up to code, and time is always of the essence. SpiderSuite is a cloud and mobile-based inspection management system designed for both loan servicers and field inspectors to make sure that no unnecessary snags are hit during the dealmaking process. SpidersSuite aims to keep users organized, efficient and on top of the latest changes in the law and, according to their website, offers the some of the following services to the aforementioned groups:
Loan Servicers:

  • Mobile access to your portfolio anywhere
  • Universal forms on a single interface
  • The latest inspection forms
  • Detailed reporting and analytics
  • Real time alerts and notifications
  • Secure data archiving
  • Real time tech support

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If you’re a loan servicer looking to learn more about SpiderSuite’s offerings, click here for more information or request a demo.

Field Inspectors:

  • Universal forms on a single interface
  • Streamlined client management across a unified platform
  • Upload and arrange photos for inspection reports
  • Help out in the field – spanning from inspection info to driving directions
  • Exposure to servicers and clients over the SpiderSuite network
  • Faster inspection reports
  • Assignment notifications in real time

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If you’re a field inspector looking to learn more about SpiderSuite’s offerings, click here for more information or request a 30-day free trial and test it out for yourself.

Many members of the commercial real estate community are just now realizing the value offered by being mobile. SpiderSuite not only simplifies and helps structure the lives of lenders, servicers, or inspection companies, but also gives users access to pertinent information anywhere, at any time, so they can make executive decisions on the fly and provide better and more efficient service. As a result, SpiderSuite helps lenders to get a better grasp on the risks associated with their portfolio by leveraging all of their property data through analytics packages.

Some of the specific inspection requirements supported by the platform include the MBA Property Inspection Form, Fannie Mae 4260 &4262, Freddie Mac, as well as other custom requirements for lenders in the CRE industry.

Still skeptical as to how SpiderSuite can help you manage your portfolio more effectively? You may want to check out this case study if you’re looking for more in-depth examples.

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