StealthForce: Global On-Demand Platform for Project-Based Consulting Assignments

For project-based real estate consulting assignments, StealthForce is the only global on-demand talent platform available. With a network of top industry professionals that offer outstanding experience, employers can scale talent on a project-by-project basis as opposed to paying inflated payrolls throughout the year.

The problem is that many professionals in real estate take on projects in which they have no real expertise or passion. By using StealthForce, teams are tailored according to need. In addition, consultants have the opportunity to choose projects that align with their skills and interests. Thanks to the concept of StealthForce, hiring models in the real estate market have forever changed.

Using StealthForce

The process involved in using StealthForce is quite simple. First, a project is posted. In the posting, an employer provides details and requirements for a particular assignment. The employer sets milestones, establishes a deadline, and creates deliverables and the fee. From there, consultant matching occurs; only consultants with relevant experience can see the posting. After consultants apply, the employer receives a list of the top-rated consultants. At that time, the employer can see credentials and ask questions. Once satisfied, the appropriate talent is selected.

Next is the phase completion portion of StealthForce, which uses interim feedback and predesignated milestones. Throughout the time a consultant works on an assignment, agents from StealthForce are available to help facilitate communication and, ultimately, ensure the project is completed seamlessly.

Finally, the project is closed out. Once the final project deliverable is accepted by the employer, funds for work performed are released to the consultant. Feedback is requested from both parties at that time based on their overall experience. With this information, StealthForce can optimize the matching process and make the experience even better for future projects.

Helpful Information

In looking at the consultants who work through StealthForce, there is no one specific type of person. All members are professional, whether working full-time, on a sabbatical, or self-employed. The experience that the consultants bring to the table varies, although it all focuses on real estate.

Before a project is launched, a deposit is made by the employer. After the completed project is delivered to the satisfaction of the employer, the funds owed are released, minus fees associated with the services. From there, the completed work becomes the property of the employer.

To ensure the quality of services provided to employers is never compromised, team members with StealthForce consider feedback. The team also eliminates consultants from the database on a regular basis as needed. For example, if consultants cannot perform work at the level expected for any reason, they are removed from the pool of talent. That way, employers only receive a list of consultants that meet high standards for experience and expertise.

Founded by finance and real estate professionals, StealthForce takes a unique approach to matching employers with talented consultants. As a result, this service provides flexibility and enhances efficiency through a network for real estate professionals who need expert assistance.

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